These 15 Vintage-Style Rocking Horses Are A Childhood Dream

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As hipsters, we’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect way to incorporate vintage style into our modern lives. When it comes to children’s toys, this can be nearly impossible (without spending a fortune that is). Luckily, there’s one toy that – although being centuries old – is still as popular as ever and we’re pretty sure you had one as a kid: the rocking horse.

According to the famous British craftsmen duo, The Stevenson Brothers, the history of rocking horses can be traced back as far as the Middle Ages with its current form appearing in the early 17th century. Hey, you wanted vintage right?

Besides being ridiculously fun, they also help to improve gross motor skills, balance and coordination in toddlers. And they add a vintage flair to any room.

Rock on with these 15 vintage-inspired rocking horses.


Rattan Rocking Elephant

rattan rocking elephant

Rockin' Rider Spring Horse


Qaba Kids Metal Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse


Rattan Rocking Elephant

Rattan Rocking Elephant


Crafted from rattan, this heirloom-quality rocking elephant is sure to delight your little one - and be cherished for generations to come.

Crafted from rattan, this rocking horse puts a spin on the original style in every way. It isn’t even a horse – it’s an elephant! Could it be any more perfect for a hipster?

The minimalist rattan style gives off serious 70s vibes and is so pretty that you wouldn’t even need to hide it away with other children’s toys and can use it as a decoration feature in your living room. Kids will also love it, obviously.

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

Rockin' Rider Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse

Rockin' Rider Spring Horse

rockin' rider spring horse

This Rockin' Rider Horse talks and sings with a synchronized moving mouth. Press ears to hear the exclusive "I'm a Little Pony" song, 6 talking phrases, and sound effects.

Okay we’ll admit it – this is not the most aesthetically pleasing of all the rocking horses on this list, but it definitely is the most exciting. It sings, talks and makes galloping sound effects (all with a moving mouth), is adjustable for a growing child and has a soft and huggable body. The only difference between this and a real horse is that you won’t have to clean up any horse manure...

The design of the horse is, however, still based on the original rocking-horse style which means it won’t ruin the vintage aesthetic of your home.

  • Recommended for ages 2 – 5 years
  • Press ears to hear the exclusive "I'm a Little Pony" song, 6 talking phrases, and sound effects
  • 3-position stirrups that grow with your child

Qaba Kids Metal Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse

Qaba Kids Metal Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse

qaba kids ride-on rocking horse

A softly padded polyester plush body and comfortable riding saddle recreate the look and feel of thrilling horseback riding adventures.

You get the best worlds with this rocking horse. Combining the more traditional-style plush horse design with updated features such as neighing and galloping sounds, the toy ticks boxes for kids and adults.

For those lumberjack/cowboy inspired hipsters: this is the rocking horse for you. The traditional design with authentic color scheme, matching saddle and reins and minimal metal features makes it look exactly like a little pony. None of that kitschy, modern style here!

  • Recommend for ages 3 and up
  • Features a softly padded polyester plush body
  • Press ears to hear the neighing and galloping sounds

Belleur Wooden Rocking Horse

Belleur Wooden Rocking Horse

belleur wooden rocking horse

This kind of rocking horse swing activity for children will help your children develop core muscles and arm strength through repeated exercises while enhancing their sense of balance.

Some kids’ toys can really be an eyesore. Plastic, cheaply-made mainstream toys are a dime-a-dozen, and you really don’t want these in your home. Enter: the Belleur Wooden Rocking Horse.

Suited to younger toddlers, the pink wooden toy is beautifully sleek and minimalist but equally as practical. Plus, it adds a great pop of color in that quintessentially retro way.

  • Suitable for children 3 years and under
  • Detachable armrest
  • Anti-rollover design

Qaba Kids Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse

Qaba Rocking Horse

qaba roccking horse

This rocking horse combines a traditional plush horse design with modern features like simulated neighing and galloping sounds when the ears are pressed.

Similar to the previous Qaba rocking horse we mentioned, this plush horse is also perfect for wannabe cowboys. It’s also a lot cuter thanks to the decorative red scarf!

Combining the traditional horse design with modern features like simulated neighing and galloping sounds when the ears are pressed and a wagging tail, it takes the playtime experience to the next level.

  • Recommend for ages 18 months – 3 years
  • Simulated neighing and galloping sounds when the ears are pressed
  • Wagging horsetail

Qaba Kids Plush Toy Spring Horse Bouncing Rocker

Qaba Kids Plush Toy Spring Horse Bouncing Rocker

qaba kids horse bouncing rocker

Combines a traditional plush spring horse rocker with updated features such as electronic neighing and galloping sounds when the ears are pressed.

So this rocking horse would be considered the Tesla of rocking horses. It’s the reimagining of the traditional horse and, although it doesn’t look vintage, we can’t help but love it.

These new spring-loaded rocking horses have the comfort of a plush stuffed animal with a full range of motion that can go up and down or back and forth. Did we mention it also neighs and makes galloping sounds?

  • Recommended for ages 2 and up
  • Electronic neighing and galloping sounds when the ear is pressed
  • Features spring horse design which is suspended by coiled springs and attached to an exterior stabilizing frame

Kids Wooden Rocking Horse

Kids Wooden Rocking Horse

kids wooden rocking horse

Gently rock at a steady pace or safely take your horse for a gallop. Non-toxic, child safe, and of the highest quality For ages 10 months - 3 years

It’s a classic wooden horse – what more do you need? This horse is simple yet playful, compact yet sturdy, and a lot more affordable than some of the other toys on the market.

The style has a distinct mid-century flair to it, so if you’re going for a more retro interior design this is the horse for you. It also doesn’t make noises, which is a massive bonus for parents.

  • Recommended for ages 10 months – 3 years

Qaba Kids Metal Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse Chair Toy with Realistic Sounds

Qaba Kids Horse Chair Toy


Giddy-up cowboys and cowgirls! Our traditional plush rocking horse will turn your home into the rootin' tootin' Wild West! Squeeze the ears to hear realistic neighing and galloping sounds.

Does anyone else remember Spirit? If you do, you’ll recognise this toy as looking exactly like Spirit’s girlfriend with the white patches.

This rocking horse has the same traditional standing toy style with some added modern extras like a soft, plush body and realistic neighing and galloping sounds. What's great about this one is the more realistic and tone-down colour scheme that could fit in any home.

- Soft huggable plush body with comfortable saddle and bridle for those long journeys

- Press the ears for realistic neighing and galloping sounds

  • Recommended for ages 18 months and up

Heirloom Oak Child's Deluxe Rocking Horse

Heirloom Oak Deluxe Rocking Horse

heirloom oak deluxe rocking horse

This rocking horse features leather ears, eyes, and a wonderful mane and tail! The deluxe horse has shaped legs and a comfortable seat! 

You literally could not get more artisanal and unique than a handcrafted, oak wood, Amish-made horse. Did we mention it has leather ears?

We’ll admit that it’s a bit pricey, but your great-grandkids will also be able to use it so it’s definitely a long-term investment. It has a distinct vintage look to it thanks to the stained wood, meaning it’ll fit right into your hipster home.

  • Amish-made in the USA

Qaba Wooden Rocking Horse

Qaba Wooden Rocking Horse

qaba wooden rocking horse

Giddy-up cowboys and cowgirls! With this cute rocking horse along with a comfortable sit position for your child to have fun in. They can go for a ride using their kids' rocking chair and their curiosity automatically sets in.

Kids not entertained by the boring old brown rocking horse? Have you tried a zebra? Although, officially, this is not an actual rocking zebra and is just a black and white horse, it can definitely pass as one.

The classic wooden style is simple and light without being too boring. As an added feature, this rocking toy comes with handrails, pedals, and backrest for extra safety.

  • Recommended for ages 3 – 6 years old

Heirloom Oak Child's Rocking Motorcycle

Heirloom Oak Rocking Motorcycle

heirloom oak rocking motorcycle

This Rocking Motorcycle are nostalgic and never go out of style! Your little one is free to hit the open road without leaving the house!

We’ve found the perfect hipster rocking horse: a motorcycle! We just wish they had these around when we were kids.

Leave that boring old horse behind and jump on this new take that still captures that rocking magic. Handcrafted and made with real, hard-wood, this motorcycle is luxurious in every way. The padded black faux leather seat would go really well with a matching vintage leather jacket, don’t you think?

  • Amish-made in the USA

Hamilton Rocker

Hamilton Rocker

hamilton rocker

Each piece of furniture is crafted using a generous slab of teak in order to ensure the rectilinear diecut is seamlessly aligned and its unique curvature to support your back and rest your hands.

If you’re uncompromising when it comes to the aesthetic of your home, this is a great choice for you. The Hamilton rocker is beyond minimalist with no padding, no fur, no horse and no noises. It’s just a crafted piece of wood and we love it.

After all, your kids can sit on it and rock – why add any unnecessary frills?

  • Recommended for ages 2 and up

Walnut Riga Roo Rocking Horse

Walnut Riga Roo Rocking Horse

walnut riga roo rocking horse

A rocking toy made of a single molded piece. The minimalistic yet very archetypal shape makes it an intriguing toy.

This is by far the most unique and original rocking horse we’ve ever seen. If you want your kid to have the coolest rocking horse on the playground, this is perfect. Although, your kids probably won’t appreciate it as much as you do.

The minimalist yet somehow horse-like shape makes it very interesting to look at. Is it a chair? Is it a foot rest? No! It’s actually a fully-functioning rocking horse.

  • Recommended for ages 2 and up

Hobnobbers Personalized Rocking Horse

Hobnobbers Personalized Rocking Horse


This rocking horse is designed for toddlers to use both indoors and outdoors. It folds for easy carrying and compact storage. With its weight of only 5 pounds, it can amazingly hold children up to 20 times as heavy.

This rocking horse is designed for toddlers to use both indoors and outdoors. If you’re picturing yourself lugging a rocking horse between bedrooms and the yard, don’t worry as it folds for easy carrying and compact storage.

It’s also affordable, colorful, and can be personalized with your choice of embroidered text.

  • Can be personalized

LED Christmas Rocking Horse

LED Christmas Rocking Horse

led christmas rocking horse

This classic Christmas Rocking Horse is dressed in his holiday finest complete with LED lights! Set the automatic timer to your desired hour and watch the LED lights glisten at the same time every day!

Like something straight out of The Nutcracker, this decorative Christmas rocking horse is a fairytale dream come true. It’s beautifully designed to look like one of the horses you would find on a merry-go-round and is decorated in Christmas colors. It’s also covered in LED lights (set to an automatic timer) for added festive cheer.

The only problem is you can’t actually sit on it…

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