Hipster Clothes for the Kids

Where would the fashion world be without the influence of hipster fashion throughout the years? From buffalo plaid to thick-rimmed glasses to small-batch denim, hipsters had had their hand on the pulse of some of the hottest style trends years before they were ever cool.

The Fifteen Clothing Brands That Hipster Parents Are Going Crazy For

Hipsters’ excellent eye for style extends to kids as well, and there’s no shortage of awesome clothing brands that make sharp hipster styles for little boys and girls. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the trendiest purveyors of hipster kids’ clothes so that you can turn your little one into a ‘Gram worthy style icon.

#1 Mini Rodini

hipster kid clothes

Hailing from way across the pond, Mini Rodini is the brainchild of illustrator Cassandra Rhodin. Founded in 2006, Mini Rodini’s clothes celebrate fun, creativity, and imagination in each of their designs.

Mini Rodini’s clothes lean towards the hipster aesthetic, and their clothes for boys and girls borrow from iconic silhouettes, current fashion, and bold kid-approved prints to create a cohesive collection that’s fun for kids and parents alike.

The brand is headquartered in Sweden, with shops in Sweden and London. Thankfully, they ship worldwide, and you can also find Mini Rodini in stores like Zappos, Alex and Alexa, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

For a quick dose of hipster style for both boys and girls, may we suggest this adorable sweatshirt made from 100% GOTS-certified organic terry?

#2 The Tiny Hipster

hipster kid clothes

A one-stop-shop for all your hipster baby needs, The Tiny Hipster has quickly become a go-to destination for the coolest clothes for babies and kids. From camo army jackets to ironic t-shirts to adorable dresses that look like tiny versions of what you’d find in Anthropologie, The Tiny Hipster has it all.

Some of our favorite styles from the Tiny Hipster include this fashion-forward emoji bomber jacket and this adorable rabbit denim dress.

#3 Kid + Kind

hipster kid clothes

Kid + Kind is a great option if you’re looking for fun activewear or play clothes for your aspiring hipster. This brand specializes in joggers, t-shirts, hoodies, and the like, and there’s no shortage of adorable styles on their site. We’re especially partial to their 1984 collection, which taps into the hipster-approved palate of the ‘80s to deliver stylish basics.

#4 Wovenplay

hipster kid clothes

For creative clothes your little one is sure to love, look no further than Wovenplay. They make a few unisex styles, but the majority of their clothing is geared towards exceptionally creative little girls.

Wovenplay has plenty of more practical styles available, but their most fun and iconic looks are their most costume-like offerings. So, if your little one loves to play dress-up, you’ll love Wovenplay.

They also make what have to be the cutest little swimsuits we’ve ever seen, like this red polka-dot one-piece. So, if you have plans for a Betty Ford or Lana Del Rey-esque photoshoot this summer, be sure to shop the fun and hip styles on Wovenplay’s site.

#5 Passive Juice Motel

hipster kid clothes

Passive Juice Motel can have all of our money at this point. You won’t find a better option for adorable, topical, and fun t-shirts. Best of all, they have sizes for the whole family so that the adults can get in on the fun, too.

Parents are sure to get nostalgic when browsing their shop, which features instant classics like this Reading Rainbow-inspired tee.


hipster kid clothes

For the future hipster streetwear aficionado, AKID is the perfect shop. While the brand does make some streetwear-inspired athleticwear and outerwear, they focus primarily on footwear. On their site, you’ll find tons of fashion-forward styles that give the nod to current fashion, sneaker culture, and all things hip, like these chunky butterfly print boots.


hipster kid clothes

Most parents will recognize ZARA as the fast-fashion giant that stocks the most fashionable clothes from basics to eveningwear. But, did you know that they also have a full line of clothes for kids?

If your little one wants to edit a fashion magazine or become the creative director of OFF-WHITE when they get older, they’ll need to get their start somewhere, and that’s where ZARA comes in.

The best part about ZARA is their selection, with plenty of fashion-forward styles for toddlers, kids, and teenagers. For hipster classics like this chunky fisherman-knit sweater or corduroy shirt dress, ZARA is going to be one of your best options.

#8 The Mini Classy

hipster kid clothes

Because kids need streetwear, too. The Mini Classy is one of the most fun and creative brands on our list, and they specialize in inventive and colorful streetwear styles.

The brand evolved from humble roots, with co-founders Michelle Lopez and Andrea Dotzauer sewing the first pairs of their iconic dinosaur jogger pants at their kitchen table. Today, you’ll find those same iconic dino pants in a variety of prints and styles in addition to a full line of adorable unisex styles for hip boys and girls.


hipster kid clothes

Chock full of designer styles for your little hipster, TINYCOTTONS aims to bring better-made clothing to the childrenswear space.

The founders of the brand strive to create children’s’ clothing with the same level of care that goes into a brand for fashion-forward adults. Their clothing is made in Europe, and the brand focuses on sustainability and reducing their ecological impact.

TINYCOTTONS caters to everyone from babies to teenagers, and they offer a full collection of apparel for boys and girls. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were shopping Urban Outfitters’ website when browsing their online store. So, you’ll find no shortage of adorable hipster styles for your little one, like these must-have acid wash overalls.

#10 H&M

hipster kid clothes

Hipster parents have relied on H&M for years to deliver the hippest styles on a budget. The brand has had a small kids line for years, but it’s now more prominent than ever, and there’s plenty of stylish options for teenagers down to babies.

From pajamas, to denim, to outerwear, to even creative clothes for dress-up, H&M has it all. Plus, with their worldwide presence, it’s easy for everyone to shop at H&M, regardless of where you’re located.

H&M also offers tons of great outfit sets, which takes the guesswork out of putting together a cute outfit for your kid, like this shirt and chinos set with suspenders and a bowtie or this overall dress with a floral top.

#11 Lenny Lemons

hipster kid clothes

Lenny Lemons has been dishing out some of the cutest hipster styles for little girls for several years now. On their site, you’ll find tons of stylish options from this cute checked sweater to matching Mommy and Me beanie sets.

#12 Nununu

hipster kid clothes

We love the monochromatic vibes that Nununu channels, and so do celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Zoe Soldana. Nununu’s clothes are available for boys and girls, and their collections are full of geometric shapes and patterns. Some of our favorites include this spiral hoodie and this chic velvet velour dress.

#13 Little Moon Society

hipster kid clothes

A truly unique shop for little boys and girls, all of Little Moon Society’s clothing is handmade in Los Angeles and dyed by hand. No two garments are alike, and each one has unique characteristics that make them special, just like your child.

For babies and kids, Little Moon Society makes a curated selection of t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and dresses. LMS also has some women’s clothing as well, so you’ll be able to nail your next mommy-and-me photoshoot.

#14 Etsy

hipster kid clothes

The original marketplace for all things hipster, Etsy probably isn’t the first place you’d think to turn for children’s clothing. But, there are tons of different shops that offer trendy, fun, and one-of-a-kind styles for boys and girls.

Since it’s a marketplace, it can be a little difficult to navigate, but if you use the search function, you should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.

#15 Agatha Cub

hipster kid clothes

New York-based Agatha Cub makes the kind of clothes we wish we had as kids. This brand makes a full line of clothing for boys and girls from babies to teenagers. Specializing in bold and fun prints, you’ll find everything from swimwear to outerwear. They also have a variety of different bundles so that you can put together an entire outfit with ease.

Final Word

Hipsters have always been among the most stylish in the room, so it’s no wonder they’re looking for the most stylish and hip ways to dress their mini-mes. Fortunately, it’s easier to find hipster kids clothes for your stylish little boy or girl than ever before, and the broad range of shops on our list are all great examples.

It’s also nice to see some of the ideals prized by hipster culture make their way into children’s clothing. Many of the brands on our list feature products that put an emphasis on sustainability, conservation, and hand craftsmanship.

Regardless of your kids’ style, you’ll find plenty of hipster kid’s clothes at the fifteen different shops on our list.

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