The Top 8 Hipster Dresses

Hipster culture is all about defining new trends while still staying away from the mainstream. While some hipsters get a bit of a bad rap for trying too hard, hipster style and culture still have some excellent redeeming qualities.

After all, you can’t deny that a well-dressed hipster is almost always a fashion icon – fashion is something that hipsters do incredibly well. While hipster fashion extends to blue jeans, sweaters, beanies, and much more, dresses are a particularly variety-filled class of hipster clothing.

8 Incredible Hipster Dress Trends You Can’t Live Without

Many hipster dresses tend to overlap with other styles. Boho (or Bohemian) dresses are one example.

We’ll introduce you to some of the best hipster dress styles in the paragraphs below.

The Floral-Print Dress

hipster dresses

Floral prints and designs have always been a popular hipster trend. Floral prints have a very clear quaintness about them, but they’re attractive and fashion-forward, too.

These aren’t your mother’s floral print dresses. Hipster floral-print dresses come in all sorts of styles, from billowing midi dresses to short, cute mini dresses.

You’ll even see floral print in skirts, purses, and blouses, too. Hipsters can’t get enough of attractive floral prints!

One of the beautiful things about floral print dresses is that they’re incredibly flexible in terms of design, styling, and coloring. Don’t believe us? Consider these colors that floral prints can come in:

  • White with yellow flowers
  • Turquoise with white flowers
  • Navy with pink flowers
  • Violet with multicolored flowers
  • And many more!

Many hipsters care deeply about the environment, and showing your love for flowers and plants is a great way to proclaim this! Additionally, a good floral print dress hearkens back to a simpler time.

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The Bohemian Dress

hipster dresses

A good boho dress is a staple in any self-respecting hipster’s wardrobe. Boho style actually intersects with hipster style in many ways, as it’s also all about staying away from mainstream influences.

Bohemian style has a long history, but today, it’s all about long, flowy, natural-feeling dresses. They also frequently show off a strong connection with the earth, with chunky jewelry, earth-tones, and leather boots.

Many boho dresses feature many layers, but this is not a requisite – some feature just one flowy layer instead. Boho dresses can also range from the inexpensive to the fancy, with flea-market fare being just as acceptable as expensive dresses.

Since the Bohemian philosophy also cares deeply for the environment, getting your dresses from a secondhand store or a handmade vendor is an even better idea. It’s possible to buy expensive or “name-brand” boho clothing, that kind of defeats its purpose.

Predictably, natural, renewable fabrics are essential for Bohemian style, too. Think natural materials like:

  • Rayon (bamboo)
  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Wool

Small features of chiffon and lace add to the flowy effect of boho clothing, too. Do keep in mind that many hipsters prefer to boycott animal-based fabrics on principle, while some only avoid unethically-grown and harvested varieties.

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Dresses with Pockets

hipster dresses

When talking about hipster dresses, who could forget about dresses with pockets? Pocketed dresses epitomize the mainstream-departing nature of hipster clothing, and these pockets make the dresses more functional, too!

Every woman loves a dress with pockets, even if they don’t want to admit it (trust us on this one)! Pockets in a dress eliminate the need for a purse, and since hipster style is all about bucking common trends, this works synergistically with the style.

Unfortunately, pockets don’t work on every dress. They tend to work best on flowy dresses with heavy fabrics.

Since designers can create a dress with pockets out of light fabric, the items in the pockets will show through to the outside. And unfortunately, they could weigh down the dress itself when it’s worn.

If you make a form-fitting dress with pockets, not only will you be able to see when the pockets are full, but the pockets could be less effective at holding things, too.

However, if you build a heavy dress with pockets, it’s likely that no one will be the wiser about their existence (except you, of course)!

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Button-Down Dresses

hipster dresses

As you already know, hipster style is all about perfecting the unexpected and surprising people with your choices. Well, you can’t get much different than a button-down dress!

Inspired by the button-down shirt, a dress with chunky button closures is cute, innocent, and playful at the same time. The buttons don’t even have to be functional; they can be merely decorative, but they should at least look like they’re functional.

Other similar dresses, like those featuring Velcro, ties, or zippers, can follow this same sort of philosophy. While buttons tend to be the most popular, hipster style is all about embracing what’s different, so as long as it’s unexpected (yet stylish), it should work!

One thing to note about these dresses is that the closures should be very conspicuous. The stylistic impact of chunky button closures is entirely lost if there’s only one on the dress!

Instead, look for these closure-centric styles on the front of the dress, on the side of the dress, or all the way down the back of the dress. Just a few inches of closure space alone isn’t good enough to make a hipster dress.

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Flowy Dresses

hipster dresses

While many Bohemian dresses focus on a flowy look, you don’t have to utilize boho style to wear a great flowy dress. Non-Bohemian short and knee-length flowy dresses are fashionable among hipster styles, too, even though the two tend to intersect more often than not.

Another fashionable flowy dress among hipsters is the fit-and-flare style. These dresses often have high waists, fitted bodices, and lifted, flowing bottoms.

We’re not talking about ballroom-dress-levels of fluff here, though something like this could definitely work in the hipster style. Instead, think just flowy enough to disguise the physique underneath.

Sheath-style dresses are incredibly popular among hipsters, too. These dresses continue at the same fit level down the entire body, as a t-shirt would do.

Most sheath-style hipster dresses end up being short – just to the knee or above the knee. Some can be fitted at the top, while others remain baggy throughout.

Layered Dresses

hipster dresses

Hipster style tends to encompass many seasons and climates, and as such, one of the forms you’ll commonly see is a layered style. Rather than bundling up in a winter coat every day, hipsters prefer to coordinate their entire outfit, so layering tends to be an excellent strategy to achieve this look.

In theory, you can layer just about any blazer, jacket, or poncho with a dress while remaining within hipster style requirements. However, as with anything, there are certain styles that stand out.

Some of these stand-out layered styles include:

  • Overall-style dresses
  • Chunky knit layers
  • Long cardigans and blazers
  • Denim jackets
  • Shirts underneath dresses
  • See-through lace panels
Romwe Women's Vintage Short Sleeve Tie Neck Ruffle Trim Layered Mesh Mini Dress Black M
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High-Necked Dresses

hipster dresses

The high-neck look is one that hipster women frequently embrace. In the modern-day, gowns and outfits that are too high-necked tend to come off as prudish or standoffish.

Since this can be a controversial style, hipsters, of course, have adopted it whole-heartedly! High-necked dresses come in a few different styles and looks, but there are three main types you’ll see: button-up dresses, collared dresses, and turtleneck dresses.

We’ve already talked about button-up dresses, but button-up dresses that look to create a high neck are a bit different. Instead of the buttons functioning as the attractive feature, the buttons help to form the high-neck, instead, which is the defining feature of the look.

Collared dresses, like collared shirts, tend to look cute, innocent, and a bit unexpected, too. While turtlenecks have been paired with dresses for years, hipsters are adept at making these turtleneck dresses look unique.

Consider a typical sweater dress. While an ordinary sweater dress can be considered hipster, it doesn’t scream “hipster” on its own.

Now, consider a baggy, heavy turtleneck dress instead! These dresses are more like oversized sweaters on their own, and they do not emulate the most popular styles at all.

In fact, these oversized turtleneck-sweater-dresses tend to push the boundaries even of hipster style. However, you can’t deny that they look incredible while doing so!

SIMSHION Women's Solid Casual Loose Turtleneck Long Dress Long Sleeve Maxi Dress with Side Pocket Black XL
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Lace Dresses

hipster dresses

Lace is one of the most popular hipster dress patterns (next to floral prints, of course), and while they’re more of a fabric type than an actual dress pattern, that doesn’t make them any less popular.

Furthermore, these dresses are sweet, innocent, and a bit quaint, too, just like printed dresses. However, since lace is so versatile, you’ll see both lace-adorned dresses and dresses made entirely of lace!

Lace dresses that imitate the look of frontier dresses are especially popular. Think ruffled sleeves, built-in aprons, and lace-lined bodices!

Alvaq Womens Summer Sexy V Neck Lace Hollow Beach Evening Wedding Midi Dress Plus Size Formal Blue Medium
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Final Thoughts

When you think about it, it’s really not too hard to conform to a hipster style. As long as you’re willing to embrace new trends, push the boundaries of style, and even fail a bit sometimes, you’re well on your way to becoming a hipster icon already.

However, don’t let your hipster wardrobe stop with dresses alone. While a few suitable hipster dresses should be part of any woman’s wardrobe, dresses alone do not a wardrobe make!

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