10 Vintage Wrestling Shirts: Styles Every Hipster Should Have

Hipsters put a lot of value on their independence and creativity. they’re proud, they’re unique, and they have no problem showing it to the rest of the world.

Being a hipster means knowing how to think, which music to listen to, and what to wear. Clothes like skinny jeans, western-style button-ups, and vintage clothing are how hipsters rock their wardrobe.

Every hipster’s closet has at least half a dozen vintage T-shirts. They have an old, worn-out look, with wide armholes. If they have a few tears and rips, all the better. It’s a small price to pay to complete that ultimate hipster-chic.

One clothing item that should be in every hipster’s closet is a vintage wrestling shirt. They’re stylish, they’re affordable, and most importantly, they’re hipster-friendly.

In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the best vintage wrestling shirts you can buy. We’ll also go over the best ways to wear them.

Do you want to look fabulous, stylish, and hipster-chic?

Then keep reading!

10 Vintage Wrestling Shirts That’ll Have the Whole Town Talking

Hipsters have a huge impact on pop culture and where the world of fashion is heading. Putting together outfits is easy and affordable if you know just where to look.

Affordability is what being a hipster is all about. They’re not frugal, but they dislike the big bullies of commerce.

This is why they prefer to buy secondhand items or things that are handmade. It’s their unique way of boycotting the large corporations and supporting small businesses.

They also love to accessorize with earrings, scarves, bangles, and watches.

A great idea is to mix and match for that ultimate hip-chic look.

If you’re searching for ways to pull-off hipster style, and look amazing in the process, then take a look at these vintage wrestling shirts.

They’ll make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The Vintage Retro Shirt

Wrestling, love, comfortable shirt, amazing colors – this shirt has it all.

You can’t go wrong with this vintage wrestling shirt. It’s retro, hipster-chic, and more importantly, vintage. Buying vintage is the number one rule of fashion for all hipsters.

You can mix and match this shirt with a few modern items here and there to get a unique, hip look.

Its lightweight and classic fit make it the perfect shirt to wear when you go out at night with friends. You can also rock it at sports matches, practice games, and tournaments.

If your workplace is casual, then nothing can stop you from showing up in this laid-back, trendy retro shirt. Have your pick from 10 ultra-hip colors.

The Classic 70s Style Shirt

Classic 70's Style Wrestling T-Shirt: Men, Women, Kids
  • Do you or does anyone you know love the sport of Wrestling? Then this is the shirt! Original WRESTLING retro style tee uses old school, throwback colors for a 1970s vintage...
  • Retro font and colors make this "WRESTLING" design a great fit for wrestlers, trainers, coaches, fans, teams, etc. Unique vintage look. Perfect to wear to practices, workouts,...
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

This 70s-inspired wrestling shirt gives off a chic, hipster vibe. It’s a throwback to the 1970s, with its retro colors and font. It comes in five super-fun color choices.

You’ll look perfect wearing this vintage wrestling shirt to work, events, tournaments. You can also look trendy as you’re relaxing around the house.

Made with cotton, it feels comfortable and fits perfectly. Best of all? This trendy T-shirt goes with everything.

Pair them with some skinny jeans. Any color jeans will do, but black definitely tops the list. You can even add a pair of suspenders for an ultra-chic look.

The Cool Wrestling Shirt

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt - Cool Wrestling Tee Shirt
  • Cool vintage style wrestling tee shirt for wrestlers
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Anytime you put this vintage wrestling shirt on, you’ll make a statement. The 4-color bars in the background make the wrestlers’ silhouette stand out more.

Its classic fit and comfy material means you can mix and match it to your heart’s content. Try wearing this shirt with a leather, military-style, or faded denim jacket to complete the hipster look.

Jackets are what it’s all about. Summer, winter, morning, or night – jackets are the way to go to get that complete hipster look. You’re sure to look amazing at work, or chill-axing with friends at your favorite bistro.

Want to get this modish look? Then check out the 5 amazing colors of this cool vintage shirt on Amazon.

The Inspirational Quote Shirt

Wrestling Shirt
  • Makes a great gift or shirt for men, women, and kids who love wrestling. Wrestling gifts, wrestling shirts, wrestling tshirt, wrestling tshirts, wrestling t shirt, wrestling t...
  • wrestling apparel, wrestling clothing, wrestling clothes, wrestling gear, wrestling shirts for men, wrestling shirts for women, wrestling shirts for kids, martial arts, mixed...
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

This is definitely a win for the hipsters who love wrestling. Its inspiring words drive home the message of the importance of respect and pride.

Besides looking chic and hip, you’ll also feel amazing. It’s made with 100% cotton to offer a comfy and perfect fit.

The same strong message, but in 5 vintage-inspired colors. You can’t go wrong with this inspirational hipster shirt.

To complete the look, you can pair them with some old-looking Converse, Keds, or Doc Martins. Even a pair of worn-out boots will do.

It doesn’t matter what season it is, or whether it’s sunny or rainy. These are the 2 main fashion choices when it comes to hip shoes. Remember that they should look like you’ve been wearing them since forever.

The 90s Retro Shirt

Wrestling Was Better In the 1990's Retro Vintage T-Shirt
  • Grab this fun retro style tshirt if you yearn for the classic era of pro wrestling. Perfect for any fan of suplexes, piledrivers, clotheslines and the squared circle. Title...
  • Nostalgic gift tee for fans who loved wrestling since the 1990's. Perfect throwback tshirt for any wrestling fanatic, coach. Cool vintage style tee for enjoying main events....
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Try this retro shirt with a 90s theme for that hipster-chic look. It’s fun, it’s trendy, and you’ll look incredible! Why not accessorize with a plaid scarf?

Plaid scarves are also one of the hipster’s main wardrobe accessories. For a hipster-chic look, wear it loosely around your neck. It’s there to complete the look, not to keep you warm.

A perfect throwback to the classic era of pro-wrestling, this shirt is made with comfortable and lightweight cotton. The best part is that it can go with anything.

It comes in 5 amazing colors. Want to rock this look? Check out this super-hip shirt on Amazon.

The Legends of Smackdown Shirt

WWE Andre The Giant Shirt - Andre The Giant, Big Boss Man & Bam Bam Bigelow - World Wrestling T-Shirt (Charcoal Heather, X-Large)
  • ✔ THE BIG BOYS: Celebrate the careers of WWE heavyweights, Andre the giant, The Big Boss Man and Bam Bam Bigelow.
  • ✔ HEAVYWEIGHTS: The Greatest Wrestlers of all. The Kings of Monday Night Raw. The Legends of Smackdown. The greatest showmen of Wrestlemania.
  • ✔ OFFICIALLY LICENSED WWE APPAREL: Officially licensed apparel and high-quality prints on this WWE t-shirt make it the perfect gift for men everywhere. Whether it be for and...

Featuring three of the biggest names in wrestling, this vintage wrestling shirt is one for the champions.

The three Big Boys of wrestling are:

  • Andre the Giant
  • The Big Boss Man
  • Bam Bam Bigelow

It’s officially licensed with high-quality prints. Its crew cut neck makes it comfortable and stylish to wear practically anywhere.

It’s available in one color; Charcoal Heather. When you have the greatest showmen of WrestleMania on your shirt, you’ll feel like a super hipster wrestler.

The Patriotic Shirt

Wrestling USA Flag Vintage T-Shirt
  • Makes a great gift for the patriotic wrestler for birthday and Christmas
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

This USA vintage wrestling shirt is the best way to show your love for wrestling and your country.

Its comfortable, classic fit makes it perfect for going out with friends, chilling around the house, or even going to work.

Patriotism can never go out of style, and you won’t either with this chic wrestling shirt. It’s available in 10 ultra-chic colors to show off your hipster fashion style.

The Free Hugs Shirt

Wrestling Shirt - Free Hugs Wrestling Shirt T-Shirt
  • wrestling shirts for moms and dad - State Wrestling shirt
  • wrestling mom shirt - wrestling dad shirt
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Love wrestling? Love free hugs? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This vintage wrestling shirt is lightweight and offers classic, perfect fit so you can look and feel your best.

If you like wearing hats, then why not pair this T-shirt with a hip, casual fedora-style hat? It should casually rest on your head as you threw it on last-minute without a care in the world.

Your co-workers and friends will be ecstatic when they see you wearing this spunky shirt. You can take your pick from 5 trendy colors.

Pick from an array of trendy colors

The Girl Wrestler Shirt

Wrestler Girl Wrestling Gift Vintage T-Shirt
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Wrestling isn’t just for guys. Neither is vintage. Here’s a T-shirt that tells just that.

It’s made from 100% cotton with a classic fit. You can wear this shirt just about anywhere.

Is your workplace relaxed and easy-going? Then this is what you should be wearing when you go to work tomorrow.

You’ll also look hipster-chic when you show up with this vintage wrestling shirt in any one of its 5 trendy colors.

The hipster look can only be achieved by some simple, yet trendy, accessories.

A pro-tip: don’t try too hard to coordinate everything. Your look should be effortless and casual.

One accessory that’ll look amazing with this T-shirt is eye-glasses.

Thick-rimmed glasses are a fashion-must. It doesn’t matter if you have bad eyesight or not. The frames are for the sake of accessorizing.

The Perfect Shirt

WWE NERDS - Mr. Perfect Graffiti Series T-shirt
  • Officially licensed WWE T-shirt by Ripple Junction
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

‘Mr. Perfect’ shirt comes is one in a long line of graffiti series of vintage wrestling T-shirts. It comes in 5 ultra-hip trendy colors. It’s 100% cotton, lightweight, and perfect for the laid-back workplace.

You’ll also look great wearing it when you go out on the weekend. It’s a versatile, classic fit T-shirt that goes great with everything!

Make sure to complete your hipster look with some accessories, such as a couple of bangle bracelets. You can also wear some dangly earrings for a cute, trendy look.

Love long necklaces? Well, this is your chance to show them off. Try layering your chains, or maybe adding a pendant. They’ll look great with this shirt.

Want to look perfect this weekend? Check out this stylish shirt on Amazon.

A Final Note

When you’re a hipster, you know what’s fashionable based on what’s unique to your own sense of style. The most important thing is how authentic and true-to-oneself being a hipster really means.

By emphasizing style and individuality, we, as hipsters, aren’t afraid to stand out. So taking some pointers from all the hipsters out there, get your hands on these vintage wrestling shirts to add style and flair to your wardrobe.

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