17 Of The Most Trendy Designs In Vintage Tupperware

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Tupperware isn’t just for homemakers anymore. Invented by, wait for it, Earl Silas Tupper, the plastic household product gets its moniker straight from its creator. 

It stores. It seals. It adds flair to a dull kitchen. And thankfully, for the introverts among us, you no longer have to attend a Tupperware party to acquire it. 

The product’s ability to be reused makes it sustainable. The longstanding reputation makes it valuable. 

Truly vintage Tupperware can cost you upwards of $50 apiece, but thankfully we can still find the classic Tupperware look at a fraction of the cost. And hopefully without having to scrape out anyone’s leftovers.


Wonderlier Bowl


Canister Set

tupperware CANISTER SET

Push Button Pitcher


The Wonderlier Bowl 

Wonderlier Bowl

the wonderlier bowl

Set of 3 Tupperware Wonderlier Bowls in Verde Salsa Green (6 cup size), Tropical Water Blue (8 cup size) and Daisy Purple (12 cup size). Virtually airtight, liquid-tight seals. Ideal for mixing, storing, serving, and transporting foods.

Tupperware is nothing without the bowl. The Wonderlier bowl was the original Tupperware piece making its debut in 1946.

A genuinely vintage Wonderlier bowl can sell for at least $20 per bowl, but this newly made set includes three bowls for less than $50. The stackable set comes with three different colored bowls that nest for compact storage.

The advantage of buying these modern replicas is that everything manufactured by Tupperware after 2010 is BPA free

Use these to store your leftovers, serve your dinner, or organize your life with the sealable lids keeping everything in its place.

Canister Set

Canister Set

canister set

Redesigned One Touch seal allows for easy on and off with the lightest touch, yet seals are air and liquid tight!

The original, used, canister sets can be found on Amazon with price tags over $100. This brand new Tupperware canister set comes with a few modern touches like the redesigned seal to make sure that your goods stay fresh.

This set also includes a transparent window so you can see when your sugar is running low before you find yourself entirely out right in the middle of whipping up a chai latte.

If you don't need the whole set for dry goods, these canisters are also tight enough to contain liquids making them versatile enough for the entire kitchen.

Push Button Pitcher

Push Button Pitcher

push button pitcher

The one Gallon Push Button Pitcher has a nice handle to hold & pour, and is dishwasher safe with lifetime warranty.

If the lemonade from your childhood wasn't served in a Tupperware pitcher, was it even really lemonade?

With an easy-pour handle, a 1-gallon capacity, and a sealable lid, it's easy to see why parents have been serving sugary beverages from this classic pitcher for generations. 

Put to the test by our own rambunctious tendencies, we can vouch that the resealable closure on this pitcher really does work. 

Serve kids. Serve cocktails. This pitcher can handle it. 

Bell Tumblers with Sipper Seals

Bell Tumblers With Sipper Seals

bell tumblers with sipper seals

Tupperware Bell Tumblers with Domed Sipper Seals in Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

That lemonade from the pitcher? Always poured straight into a Tupperware bell tumbler. 

These 8-ounce multi-colored Tupperware cups still reside in the cabinets of every mom I know. Because they aren't giving them up any time soon, Tupperware continues to manufacture them for the new generations. 

BPA free, dishwasher safe, and brightly colored, the sipper seals on these newly manufactured cups are as kid-friendly as ever.

Coffee Mugs with Coasters

Coffee Mugs With Coasters

coffee mugs with coasters

Set of 4 Tupperware Multi Mugs in the country pastel folk art colors - dove gray, dusty rose pink, country blue, and cool mint green. 10 ounce capacity. Includes coordinating coasters which can be used as a cover to contents warm. Light weight, stackable, easy to handle.

We know that coffee mugs are better with lids, but did you know that lids are better as coasters?

Stackable, washable, sealable, and fully equipped to protect your vintage wood table, the Tupperware coffee mugs do more than just serve a cup of Joe. 

The lids mean your coffee can travel without fear of a spill, and it doubles as a warmer. So whether you're rushing to work or distracted by your brood, you can guarantee that your coffee will be safe and ready when you are. 

Tumbler Set for Grown-ups

Tumbler Set For Grown-Ups

tumbler set for grown-ups

Make transporting beverages easier with this straight sided tumbler.

So you don't need a sippy cup, and a coffee cup isn't right for anything but coffee. We get it. 

Here to save us is the Tupperware tumbler set without a sippy lid. Holding 16 ounces, this is twice the sippy sealer's size with an included sealable lid perfect for water at the gym or an afternoon iced tea. 

Mix and match this set with your inherited Tupperware because no one will be able to tell the difference. Rest easy knowing this set is BPA free and dishwasher safe. 

Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers

hourglass salt & pepper shakers

Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper with Tokyo Blue Seals. Virtually airtight, liquid-tight seals keep moisture out.

Unbreakable salt and pepper shakers with style. At a table setting where everyone is touching the salt and pepper shakers, these are functional and easy to clean again and again. 

Airtight and liquid-tight, these can handle the wear and tear of spilled drinks and thrown spaghetti while still keeping the salt and pepper fresh and dry. 

Practical enough for a family. Classy enough for a dinner party. These shakers belong in your Tupperware collection. 

Stack Cooker Set

Stack Cooker Set

stack cooker set

Tupperwave Stack Cooker; Microwave-cook ground beef, a whole chicken and even a cake! Includes 3/4-qt casserole/cover - 1 3/4 qt casserole - 3 qt casserole - cone- colander - and 2 seals.

Cooking a delicious meal doesn't always have to mean hours in the kitchen. Microwaves are here for us, and Tupperware has their back.

This set allows you to do everything from steam veggies to brown meat, all before switching over to bake a cake straight from your microwave.

The handles stay cool to the touch, clean up happens in the dishwasher, and the entire set nests for convenient storage in between meals.  

Cold Brew Carafe

Cold Brew Carafe

cold brew carafe

Tupperware Cold Brew Carafe and tea carafe which uses a modern method for brewing, serving and storing delicious beverages at home (just like your local café but without the cost). Elegant and ergonomic, our cold brew coffee and tea carafe with lid, is also durable and practical.

If you're not drinking cold brew, you need to check your hipster ID at the door. Tupperware heard the hipster cry and responded with this new ergonomic design to meet our needs.

While not a replica of a vintage Tupperware piece, modern taste calls for modern solutions. The sealable lid keeps your coffee safe while also making sure the coffee grounds don't end up on the counter.

Save money on cafe' costs and include this piece in your kitchen. 

Microwavable Luncheon Plates

Microwavable Luncheon Plates

microwavable luncheon plates

This Tupperware Microwave Luncheon Plates in Tokyo Blue is a set of 4 in Tokyo Blue and 9.5 Inches.

Leftovers need microwaves the way combat boots need laces. 

The microwavable luncheon plate has a 9.5" diameter to hold your meal while still helping you keep your portions in check. The raised edges keep the food on your plate and out of the microwave. 

Best for lunchtime finger foods (be wary of scratching from knives), the luncheon plates can be packed, stacked, and ready for a snack.

Crystalwave Soup Mugs

Crystalwave Soup Mugs

crystalwave soup mugs

Your ideal, on-the-go meal solution. Just pop the steam vent and leave the seal in place to prevent spills when reheating. Tupperware Crystalwave Set of 2 Soup Mugs in Blue - Microwave Reheatable Food Storage Containers - 2 Cup Capacity Each.

Lunch doesn't always mean a break. When your mealtime is on the go, the soup mugs offer the perfect solution.

With resealable venting lids, you can safely reheat your leftovers without spills (or explosions!). 

The added stain guard keeps your tomato soup delicious without leaving behind residue on your Tupperware. This means it's always clean and will retain its value for the next generation. 

Vintage Style Cereal BowLs

Vintage Style Cereal Bowls

vintage style cereal bowLs

Vintage Style Cereal Bowls Purple, set of 4, and 1.47 Cup Capacity - Approximately 5.5" Diameter. Virtually Liquid and Airtight Seals

Your overnight oats shouldn't just be served in a mason jar. These vintage-style cereal bowls have the capacity for your full breakfast and a tightly sealed lid to accommodate bedtime prep.

You can also remove the seal on these bowls before microwaving them, meaning whatever you have inside is ready to be served. 

Grab these and trust the airtight seal when you throw them in your bag on the mornings you are running late (and even when you're not).

On-the-Go Cutlery Set

On-The-Go Cutlery Set

on-the-go cutlery set

Tupperware New On-the-Go Cutlery Set The perfect complement to Tupperware lunch solutions. Durable, reusable set features a knife, fork and spoon that snap together for easy transport. Sugar White Color. Dishwasher Safe.

You've thoughtfully packed your lunch, but did you remember the utensils? This set is reusable and easy enough to keep packed in a bag or left in a desk drawer (please, after thorough washing). 

The utensils snap together to make sure they travel as a set. Perfect for work, travel, and home, they're versatile enough for everyday use and practical enough for even the busiest schedule.

The strength of these makes sure that you won't have any fork tongs snapping off mid-bite. 

Reusable Whistle Straw

Reusale Whistle Straw

reusable whistle straw

Tupperware Vintage Set of 4 Whistle Straws - Pink Durable Reuseable Accordion 12" Tupperware.

The disposable straw was all the rage when Tupperware first came to town; however, the company is sure to keep up with current issues by introducing the reusable whistle straw. 

These straws are long enough to reach the depths of a Big Gulp and bendable to accommodate whatever configuration you desire. 

Remember to find a straw brush for thorough cleaning to keep the cooties out. The reusable whistle straw is perfect for everyone. #savetheturtles




Includes two 1¾ qt./1.8 L Small Deeps, one 1 gal./4.4 L Medium Deep and one 1¾qt./1.8 L Medium In Margarita/Snow White/Wintergreen Dishwasher Safe Limited Lifetime Warranty, BPA Free

Reducing food waste means saving money. The vintage print incorporates an innovative technology that controls airflow and moisture to keep your fruit and veggies crisp and fresh. 

Even better, the product chart is printed on the container, so you never have to guess the best way to store your produce.

A perfect housewarming gift (after you have a set of your own), these are a go-to Tupperware item that no collector should be without.

Fusion Master Spiralizer

Fusion Master Spiralizer

fusion master spiralizer

Tupperware Fusion Master Spiralizer weighs 2.49 pounds, and with 10 x 5 x 5 inches dimensions.

Zucchini noodles are best served fresh, and once again, Tupperware is on trend with the fusion master spiralizer.

Perfect for noodles and slaw, no vegetable stands a chance.

To top it off, the specially designed juice gilder can capture fruit and veggie juices into a bowl keeping your counter clean and helping you utilize every last drop of your produce.

Make basic veggies fun with the spiralizer.

Thasta Bowl Set

Thasta Bowl Set

thasta bowl set

More bowls means more baking, and we think that’s a good thing. This 5-Pc. set has a size for every ingredient and mixture necessary to bake your boldest.

If you don't need a full set, you can buy the Thasta bowls individually by size. The top-selling bowl for Tupperware, the Thasta bowl is perfect for mixing and tossing. 

The thumb hole on the handle keeps the bowl in place and makes it easy to hold, while the sealable lid helps preserve whatever you've left inside. 

The specially designed interior keeps this bowl safe from scratches, so feel free to whisk away. 

The Secret Ingredient is Tupperware

Whether it's a single piece, a full set, or a fully stocked kitchen, Tupperware is classic, sustainable, and practical.

With updates to their design process to ensure that the products are safe for everyday use, and with some new additions to the line accommodating our growing needs, Tupperware is here to stay.

Thanks to the internet, you can ditch the people-packed party for your pajamas and stock your kitchen with a click.

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