6 Vintage Tablecloths To Satisfy Your Inner Hipster

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Being a hipster is a tough job if you ask me. Making sure that you give off those distinctive vibes and emanate all the coolness that you feel inside requires serious work on your part!

You have to choose everything at your place to a certain level of aesthetic appeal, including, guess what, your tablecloth!

This accessory might not seem important for most people. But to you, it makes quite the difference in the kitchen or dining room. This is why we’ve put together a list of vintage tablecloths that you might want to consider having to maintain your hipster status.

Let’s check them out!

6 Vintage Tablecloths to Up Your Hipster Game

Looking for a tablecloth that combines durability and the perfect design to reflect your hipster self can be quite the challenge. Yet, you might find the right one that balances both points in the following list.

Highfly Linen Tablecloth – Our Floral Favorite

Vintage Flower Decorative 55 x102 Rectangle Linen Tablecloth by HIGHFLY - Printed Pattern Washable Table Cloth Dinner Kichen Home Decor - Multi Colors & Sizes
  • This HIGHFLY unique tablecloth features elegant floral printed in original natural fabric, which will add a touch of splash to casual or formal home decor.
  • Material: 100% polyester linen; Measures 55" X 102”Length ,includes lace macrame length.
  • Size: Available in 6 sizes of round, square and rectangular shapes.

Nothing screams vintage than floral patterns with pastel backgrounds. These have an elegance of their own, giving your kitchen or dining area pleasing and calming effects. Not to mention that these designs include a variety of color shades that should match any interior space.

If you ask us, we think that one of the best candidates is this Highfly tablecloth. See, besides the fact that it emits just the right amount of vintage feels, it’s also pretty great in terms of being functional.

It’s made of 100% polyester, which makes it durable and machine-washable. In most cases, you’ll only need to wipe it clean with a damp cloth, which should take minimal effort on your part.

It’s also available in 6 sizes of 3 shapes: round, rectangular, and square. Therefore, it shouldn’t really matter how your dining table looks. This tablecloth should transform it completely.

The cherry on top here comes in the shape of a lace hem that surrounds the edges of the tablecloth. With all the previous points combined, this linen tablecloth has everything that a hipster might be looking for.

Bringsine Sunflower Tablecloth – Best Bohemian Option

Bringsine Vintage Rectangular Cotton Linen Lace Sun Flower Tablecloth, Washable Tablecloth Dinner Picnic Table Cloth Home Decoration Assorted Size(Rectangle/Oblong, 55 x 71 Inch)
  • This is natural tablecloth features elegant floral printed in premitive linen fabric, which will add a touch of splash to any existing home decor,stain-resistant and...
  • It will not stick your skin when having dinner,not hot and humid,breathable.
  • Multi-Size for choosing. Vitage and elegant,great idea to decorate your table.

Hipsters with a fondness of bright colors and eye-catching prints, please gather around!

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean muted shades and monotonic hues, which you can clearly see with this unique tablecloth. If you have a taste for the unusual, this Bringsine sunflower table cover can help add some energy to your table.

It might be the perfect choice for picnics, matter-of-factly. On a bright day, it should blend in with all the vivid colors surrounding you.

All the edges are lined with intricate lace to give you a nice touch of elegance.

In case you’ve been wondering about its quality, you can rest assured that this tablecloth should have your back. It’s made of natural cotton, which should please any eco-conscious hipster. This also makes it breathable so it doesn’t stick to your skin and make you feel uncomfortable.

You can either wash it using your hands, which is preferable or in the washing machine. Just remember to use cold water and set the machine to a delicate program not to cause any damage to the material.

All in all, this tablecloth might be a good choice if you’re all about colorful patterns.

Flyspeed Peony Linen Tablecloth – Bringing Back the Flowers

Flyspeed Peony Floral Print Heavy Weight Rectangle Cotton Linen Waterproof Tablecloth Wrinkle Free Fabric Table Cloth for Dinning(Beige,55"x120"Rectangular)
  • Made of high quality 100% cotton linen with a soft and smooth handfeel
  • The print we use is digital print which is more clean and delicate compared with traditional print ways
  • Features:This tablecloth is waterproof/spillproof wrinkle free and stain resistant making it perfect of any occasions

You might as well admit it. You have a soft spot for vintage floral prints in nerve-calming colors. We get it.

This is why we’ve decided to include another one of those on our list. The Flyspeed Peony floral tablecloth can be irresistible for anyone who wants to join the hipster club for valid reasons.

We like how delicate it looks, the combination of pastel pink, beige, and green giving it an aura of grace. It can be exactly what you need to revive the table in your kitchen, dining room, or patio.

Its borders are accentuated with some lace of stylish patterns to further raise your hipster bar. Not to mention the soft feel of its fabric and the accuracy of its digital prints.

In terms of manufacturing, you should know that this tablecloth is made of a cotton blend to provide an array of distinctive features. For instance, it’s waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, and machine-washable.

Again, remember to wash it in cold water and not to use a heavy washing program. It’s never a bad idea to hand wash it, though. When it’s time to dry it out, just lay it flat and let nature do its work.

Decoser Flannel-Backed Vinyl Tablecloth – Our Bold Beauty

Decoser Heavy Duty Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth with Flannel Backing Easy to Wipe-Clean Oilcloth Waterproof Plastic Rectangle 55x72 inch Table Cover Beige
  • Eco friendly first quality Oeco-Tex Standart 100 certificated really heavy duty and thick vinyl tablecloths, so the folding lines can be pronounced for a few days after the...
  • It is an extremely elegant and gentle vinyl tablecloth that is presented to you by stitched edges with colors that match the color of print. Even in the most elegant rooms,...
  • Stain resistant, spill proof, liquid spills bead up, non-stick coating makes clean-up easy to your heavy duty vinyl tablecloth

Opting for a striking vintage statement while maintaining style and sophistication? Maybe it’s time that you start looking for larger and bolder prints to make the message clear.

If you’re a fan of this category of vintage patterns, you might want to take a look at this captivating Decoser flannel-backed tablecloth. Yes, it has patterns of flowers, too, but in more vivid shapes and bigger proportions.

The background is of the colors beige and off-white, enhancing the contrast between the bigger shapes and the smaller designs. It’s also available in several sizes and shapes to cover any table.

This color scheme makes it an awesome choice for a variety of settings. You can use it on holiday dinners, special occasions, BBQs, or even a romantic date at your own place.

Come to think of it, this tablecloth can be great for parties, too. We’re pretty sure that it’ll catch the eyes of all your hipster friends.

Of course, aesthetics alone aren’t what you’ll be looking for when browsing the market for a vintage tablecloth. This is why we’ve included this one for its heavy-duty properties. It’s made of thick vinyl that’s reinforced by a flannel backing, ensuring durability.

The material is of high-quality, eco-friendly, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Thus, you can rely on this product being safe and free of any harmful substances.

Another worthwhile advantage of vinyl is that it’s easy to clean. Not to mention that it’s resistant to wear and tear and is also waterproof.

DII Home Essentials Vintage Tablecloth – Shabby Chic Choice

DII Home Essentials 100% Polyester, Machine Washable, Shabby Chic, Vintage Tablecloth or Overlay 63" Round, Vintage Lace Cream
  • Tablecloth seats 2-4 people - see tablecloth size chart in images to decide on size needed for your table
  • High quality polyester tablecloth works great as an overlay for a solid color tablecloth or on its own
  • Great tablecloth for indoor and outdoor use; tablecloth has a seamless one piece design and features scalloped edges

It’s a little bit different from our previous picks, yet as vintage as should be. This cream-colored lace tablecloth can bring another level of style into your kitchen. For everyone who isn’t very enthusiastic about bold patterns, you’ll probably fall in love with this design.

You can either use this tablecloth on its own or on top of another one of a darker color to add more depth to it. It’s all based on your personal view of beauty, giving you a chance to experiment with your hipster desires.

With its scalloped edges and seamless design, it might be the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor use.

Just drape it over your table, place a tray of steaming coffee cups on it, and take an Instagram-worthy picture of it. The next thing you know, it gets more likes than your selfie with a dog filter!

The last thing we like about this tablecloth is that it’s machine-washable and is 100% polyester. You can also iron it on the lowest heat setting to make it look its best.

Famibay Vintage Square Tablecloth – The Beau in Blue

famibay Vintage Square Tablecloth,Everyday Kitchen Table Cloth Indoor Outdoor Decorative Macrame Lace Tablecloth Navy Blue Jacquard Damask Design (55 Inch x 55 Inch)
  • Material: 100% cotton linen fabric,High-quality environmentally friendly
  • Elegant scroll navy damask pattern,stain-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Multi-Size for choosing. Vitage and elegant,great idea to decorate your table

Navy blue, seamless pattern, and lace edges. What do these have in common besides being undeniably charming? That’s right. They all give off the vintage vibes that appeal to any hipster.

For an example of such a lovely combination, this Famibay tablecloth has grasped our attention enough to mention it here. Its navy blue damask design is all the more glorious against a white backdrop.

This fine print allows you to use it on many occasions. You can place it on your dinner table or take it with you to a romantic picnic by the lake. With its beautiful design, your date should be picture perfect.

As if this isn’t enough to grip your interest, the material of this tablecloth is 100% natural cotton. This makes it a great option for anyone concerned about the environment, which should be everyone, by the way.

It’s both stain and wear-resistant to keep you company for a while as long as you take proper care of it. This includes putting it in the washing machine in cold water using a delicate program. Still, you can hand wash it, too, if you prefer.

Combining elegance and high-quality materials, this Famibay tablecloth can be the best gift to bring to your hipster of a friend.

The Bottom Line

To maintain your flawless hipster atmosphere, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends of vintage tablecloths. Luckily, there are many styles out there to match your preferences.

From shabby chic patterns to bold colors, to intricate designs, there’s simply no shortage of choices. Just remember that aesthetics should go hand in hand with functionality when making your decision.

By the end of the day, you should be able to look at your new, stylish table cover with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

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