15 Best Vintage Suitcases For The World Or Weekend Traveler

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Traveling the world in style is not a new trend. But as travel has become more accessible for every budget, so have boring, tasteless luggage sets. 

Luggage has come a long way from grandma’s vintage Samsonite (which is making a comeback). Modern luggage comes with a significant amount of practicality, from TSA compliance to spinner wheels to keep you moving so you don’t miss that connecting flight. Even the classic gym bag has earned an upgrade to hold your belongings in style.

Hipsters are embracing high-class style with a reasonable budget and are helping out local businesses along the way. Considering cost, function, and fashion for the hipster in all of us, we've found the best vintage-inspired suitcases that are anything but boring.


Handmade Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

handmade vintage leather duffle bag

Modern Hardside Hat Box Inspired Luggage Set

modern hardside hat box inspired luggage set

Vienna Expandable Spinner Suitcase

vienna expandable spinner suitcase

Handmade Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

Handmade Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

handmade vinTAge leather duffle bag

Handmade by traditional leather craftsmen. Every bag is unique due to distressed natural leather Perfect and Ideal gift for your loved ones. Stylish and Classy. Will be cherished for a long time.

For those of us who aren't headed overseas, this weekender is the perfect companion for a few days off in your timezone or a daily trip to the gym. This bag, made from real goat hide with adjustable straps, is versatile and stylish.

With multiple side pockets and carrying options, the craftsmen who handmade this bag took into account all practicalities. The heavy-duty silver buckles and rivets ensure this vintage leather bag will last a lifetime, making it not only practical but also sustainable.

If you have a less-is-more approach to travel, this lightweight bag coming in at less than $100 will hold everything you need without sacrificing your pocketbook or your style.

Modern Hardside Hat Box Inspired Luggage Set

Modern Hardside Hat Box Inspired Luggage Set


This luggage has dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility and extra durability. Mounted TSA lock for extra security.

Reminiscent of a 19th Century hat box, this circular set comes with all of the modern features needed to travel with class. Coming in various colors so you can customize your style, the dual spinner wheels also offer modern-day mobility. 

The unique shape is sure to catch eyes and get compliments while your weeks worth of flannels will be safely tucked in thanks to the mounted TSA security lock.

Capable of fitting in most airlines' overhead storage bins, you can skip the fees and luggage lines when traveling with this patent-pending design. 

Vienna Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Vienna Expandable Spinner Suitcase

vienna expandable spinner suitcase

Enjoy extra peace of mind when it comes to your travel plans with the Vienna Hardside Spinner Luggage. This durable, modern travel case offers secure storage with a spacious, fully-lined interior and multiple zippered pockets for stashing smaller items and valuables.

If size and budget are at the top of your priority list when choosing your next suitcase, this find fits the bill with a subtle nod to the vintage look we all love.

Coming in three sizes, all available under $100, this rolling suitcase can pack a single person for weeks or get a family of 5 on the road without needing a valet.

Equipped with 360-degree spinner wheels for maneuvering the crowds and a telescopic trolley to make lifting a breeze, this suitcase makes travel a snap. 

Whether you've been planning for months or packed up for an impromptu trip across the country, this luggage will get your stuff where you're going.

Vintage Inspired Trunk Set

Vintage Inspired Trunk Set

vintage inspired trunk set

Vintage style and classic design. High-quality PU leather with resin plate material makes it lightweight, waterproof and durable.

Immediately described as having vintage style and classic design, this trunk set was an immediate addition to our list. Available in multiple sizes and colors with an easy to change mounted lock, this set has it all.

The fully lined interior is environmentally friendly and includes pockets and dividers to keep all of your travel accessories organized. Specifically designed to handle hanging clothes, you can keep even the wrinkliest of fabrics ready to wear. 

The one-of-a-kind design of this zipperless set will stand out on the luggage carousel, getting you out of the airport and on the road to adventure super fast. 

The Adjustable Bag

The Adjustable Bag

the adjustable bag

Adjustable Bag solves the dilemma. Instantly expanding or contracting to three different sizes and 10 configurations, it's all the bags you need, all in one. At carry-on size, it saves you the bag fee on your outbound flight, and the sling strap makes the airport schlep easy. Shrink it down, switch to the padded backpack straps, and take it camping.

Giving the nod to the military’s green rucksack, the adjustable bag from uncommon goods is more than a suitcase. Limited space and varied travel needs can result in storage lockers full of suitcases, but the adjustable bag can eliminate the need for all of that.

Equipped with the ability to instantly expand or contract to three different sizes with ten different configurations, this pack is the whole package. 

Use this rucksack when you're camping or as the carry on for your next flight. When you're stuck in town, this bag works great as a gym bag or everyday backpack running errands. 

Monogrammed Terminal 1 Carry On

Monogrammed Terminal 1 Carry On

monogrammed terminal 1 carry on

Our best selling luggage collection is designed to set you apart from the crowd with luxurious leather detailing and a personalized monogram. Made from durable polycarbonate that is incredibly lightweight, our signature carry-on features a TSA approved personal lock, an easy-telescoping handle and oversized wheels that can spin 360 degrees to help you navigate the airport with ease.

If you're a hipster with a southern drawl, you know that monograms are everything in the South. The genuine leather details on this bag are available in a variety of colors, so the personalization extends beyond just the monogram. 

Lightweight, TSA approved, and designed to last. The functional and sustainable addition to your luggage is also easy to clean and easy to carry.

This company also has a lifetime guaranteed warranty, so it will be repaired or replaced if it breaks. You can pack your bags and save all your worries for your houseplants. 

Expandable Patterned Suitcase

Expandable Patterned Suitcase

expandable patterned suitcase

Easily drag along this 4-wheeled backpack with its ergonomic handle providing easy maneuverability. Interior has organizational pockets to keep your belongs tidy.

The pattern on this soft-sided luggage is as much hippy inspired as hipster-approved.

The wheelbase on this suitcase is wider than usual, helping with stability for the heaviest packer. You can rest easy knowing that your bag won't tip, freeing up your hands for the closest cold brew. 

The expandable zipper allows plenty of room for weeks' worth of clothes and accessories, meaning your vacation can last all season. 

Your inner artist can travel happy with this bag at your side.




Suitcase with mesh zippered and elasticated pockets for storage. Constructed from impact-resistant ABS to ensure durable use. Multidirectional spinner wheels facilitate easy mobility.

The stagecoach may no longer be getting us to our destination, but this stagecoach rolling trunk is definitely helping.

Originally from the 1800s, the trunk was the original carry-on, and this gem’s design is nothing short of original.  

This trunk is impact resistant making it ideal for air travel -- and station wagons full of rowdy kids. It's portable, too, with 360-degree spinner wheels.

Coming in at a fraction of the cost of competitors, you'll look like you're headed straight for the closest gold rush. 

Blush Hardside Spinner

Blush Hardside Spinner

blush hardside spinner

A retro case embellished with accent hardware and a stylish stripe design, let this modern luggage collection upgrade your travel experience.

The style of a trunk. The convenience of a zipper. 

This suitcase can also be bought as a set and boasts maximum packing space. At just 19," it can still stroll in style through narrow airplane aisles while packing everything you need. 

The interior tie-down straps keep everything in its place. Weighing in at just 7.4 total pounds, this is also one of the lightest suitcases we've considered. 

The gold details on the wheels and handles make it look like you've just hit the jackpot without ever playing the lottery.

Striped Trunk Set

Striped Trunk Set

striped trunk set

This luggage is great for travel with confidante or boyfriend and can be used for a quick, close by overnight staycation, for a weekend excursion to your favorite retreat, or for a long international trip abroad.

The trunk shape is the epitome of vintage, but it's the detailed striping that sets this luggage apart. With the modern conveniences of wheels and locks but the traditional snap shut closure, it's the perfect balance of vintage and modern. 

Waterproof. Scratch Resistant. Rustproof. Beautiful. 

The description of this luggage raises the bar for every other suitcase we've looked at. It also includes a transparent luggage protector to keep your luggage looking beautiful again and again. 

Retro Hardside Crocodile Texture

Retro Hardside Crocodile Texture

retro hardside crocodile texture

Made of PU leather with handcrafted stitching, telescopic handle, top and side carry handles; waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean.

This monochromatic eye-catcher is set apart by the distinct crocodile texture. The upgraded material is specially treated and covered for durability, all surrounding an aluminum frame.

The elegant set has noise-reducing wheels and organized pockets that even the most thorough TSA check can't undo. A traditional side handle also allows this luggage to be easily carried through crowds and lines.

These suitcases are handmade and shipped from California. You can expect the perfect imperfections we love in anything handcrafted.

Knight Gold 3-Piece Set

Knight Gold 3-Piece Set

knight gold 3-piece set

Its chic and fashionable design makes it a perfect choice for travelling, With this eyes-catching suitcase set, you will always be the spotlight wherever you go!

The carefully crafted rivets on this suitcase help increase both form and function. The rivets keep your luggage from falling apart while also adding a touch of hipster-inspired elegance.

A TSA approved lock, a telescoping handle, and must have spinner wheels make this the luggage of the present. The easy to clean gold and leather exterior make this luggage the fashion accessory of choice for the traveler in all of us. 

The 3-piece set gives you versatility and organization, all while staying coordinated and unique.

Home Alone Era Designer Luggage Set

Home Alone Era Designer Luggage Set

home alone era designer luggage set

Delivers great durability together with a fashionable design. It is made from polyester fabric to provide your belongs with maximized protection. The use of 360 degree spinner wheels and telescopic push button handle system enables high stability over a variety of surfaces especially crowded airport.

With the 1990s now in the official vintage era, this teal blue set looks like Kate McAlister herself is packing it up. 

Built for travel, the soft-sided construction makes this luggage adaptable to small spaces both for travel and storage. A fully lined interior, a stable broad wheelbase, and multiple packing compartments make this set versatile and practical. 

This set also has a five-year manufacturer warranty guaranteeing repairs or replacement on any damage or defects. 

A great price with excellent quality. This set is ready to be packed for Montreal; just be sure to count your kids.

Camel is the New Black: Vintage Trolley Luggage

Vintage Trolley Luggage

vintage trolley luggage

This luggage is a PVC material for light & rain repellency, and is Japan Design & Quality.

The perfect camel color. The classic vintage closure. This suitcase is as much an accessory to your living room as it is a vehicle for your flannels. 

Available in three sizes with interior pockets, this strong waterproof luggage can withstand the harshest of conditions. 

The handy locks and sturdy construction make this travel-ready, and if you're short on storage space, it'll be an excellent addition for any decor while you’re home.

Modern Flare with Vintage Charm

Modern Flare With Vintage Charm

modern flare with vintage charm

Durable ABS + PC exterior allows for good resilience and maximum impact resistance, and reduces the appearance of scratches caused by normal wear and tear.

This suitcase comes with all of the modern conveniences we've mentioned, like spinner wheels and durable construction, but what sets this one apart from the crowd are the detachable wheels. Complete with a brake device, the wheels can be removed and replaced as they wear out, making sure that this purchase lasts a lifetime.

The efficient interior increases packing space and organizes essentials. The spinners are noiselessly designed to keep weight on the ground and off your arm.

Effortless to carry and durable for a lifetime, definitely add this luggage to your shortlist.

Hit the Road, Jack

You've bought the tickets. You've reviewed the itinerary. All that's left is to pack your bags and get out of town. 

Before any trip, the last thing you want to empty your wallet on is the luggage, and the last thing you want to skimp on is style. 

All of the suitcases on our list combine fashion with function to ensure you carry not just your belongings, but also your hipster cred, with you wherever you go. 

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