12 Most Trendy Vintage Lamps That’ll Transform Your Home

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Nothing adds more hipster style to a home than some vintage. Although hipsters get a lot of stick today, we have much to thank them for when it comes to fabulous interior trends.

It's now all about hipster favorites, and along with vintage lighting, vintage lamps are a significant aspect of interior design.

Apart from the functional light to enable you to work or study efficiently, vintage lamps provide a stylish addition to any space. You can manipulate a room's atmosphere with a vintage lamp, transforming it into cozy, warm, inviting, or modern.

However, with the myriad of lamps available, it could leave you feeling a little confused. You may even wonder what the current vintage lamp trends are and how to select the perfect lamp.

Well, to inspire you, we've curated some choice vintage lamp collections we're sure you'll love.


Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp


Brody Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Desk Lamp


Hobie Bronze Nightlight Cage Table Lamp


Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp


Elevate the traditional style of your living room or bedroom with this Amora Lighting table lamp. The elegant design of this Tiffany-style shade is complemented by an attractive dark brown finish to make an attention-grabbing statement in your home.

Give your living room a traditional vintage hipster look with the Amora Tiffany Style lamp. Its elegant design and attractive dark brown finish make it eye-catching. 

Its clear and opaque glass iridescence makes it produce a warm glow that delivers a welcoming ambiance.

The Amora light table lamp features two UL listed pull chains and art glass with a zinc base. It has the following advantages that make it the perfect choice for you:

  •     Occupies a small space: If you would like to place other items on your table, you need not worry about the lamp taking up all the space. It varies in size, and you can find the right size that's relative to your tablespace.
  •     Easy to clean: If you hate the fact that you have to purchase fancy products to help clean your lamp, worry no more. All you need to clean the Amora lighting table lamp is a clean, dry cloth.
  •     Mineral protected: The stained glass is protected with mineral oil as part of the finishing. To remove the excess oil, use a soft dry cloth, although doing so will make the non-illuminated shades appear darker and less vibrant.

Brody Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Desk Lamp

Brody Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Desk Lamp

brody vintage farmhouse industrial desk lamp

Add a touch of industrial flair to your office or bedside table with this elegant desk lamp in sophisticated antique brass and bronze finish. The USB port and electrical outlet are built into the base to allow you to easily charge your electronics.

With the Brody Farmhouse Industrial lamp, you’re sure to add an industrial flair to your home.

A bronze finish and sophisticated antique brass give your home a pleasant contemporary look.

The Brody Farmhouse Industrial lamp is a unique lamp featuring a helpful 2.0 type A USB port and a grounded outlet that can handle all your charging needs. The USB port still functions even when the light is off.

It's energy-efficient and uses a maximum of 100 watts, not including the bulb, so you can save the planet and have your style, too.

Hobie Bronze Nightlight Cage Table Lamp

Hobie Bronze Nightlight Cage Table Lamp

hobie bronze nightlight cage table lamp

A charming nightlight table lamp with an open cage design in a warm bronze finish topped with a tapered drum lamp shade.

The Hobie Nightlight Cage lamp brings a country vintage charm to your home.

It’s made of metal with an accented bronze finish.

You’ll love the open bar cage design with the bulb safely fitted inside the cage, and a bronze finish and conical drum lamp shade.

It has 4-way socket switch options — night light, top light, both lights on, both lights off, allowing for you to turn on your specific desired lighting.

Plus, the bronze finish keeps your vintage lamp from becoming even more old-school by defending against rust.

Haitral Gold Crystal Vintage Table Lamp

Haitral Gold Crystal Vintage Table Lamp

haitral gold crystal vintage table lamp

The gold crystal table lamp is integrated with high-quality light metal, crystal beads and metal base, which make the crystal lamp not very heavy, but it's elegant.

The Haitral Gold Crystal Vintage lamp is the perfect choice for you if you’re into flashy and expensive-looking fixtures.

Its crystal gold-coated lampshade is sure to capture the attention of your guests instantly.

Its unique design portrays magnificent shiny light and enough warmth to create a cozy space in your house. The color of light produced depends on the bulb color you choose, so it's all up to you.

It's compatible with various bulbs, and you're assured of safety because the cord and plug are UL listed.

Brass Vintage Desk Lamp

Brass Vintage Desk Lamp

brass vintage desk lamp

The brass desk lamp is vintage and elegant. The shade just like a morning glory and the shape of this sturdy base like a Kerosene lamp. 

The Brass Vintage lamp brings a rustic vintage look with a touch of modern class to your home.

It has a sturdy base like that of a kerosene lamp and a shade that makes the light appear like morning glory.

The following features are what make it an exceptional choice:

  •     Its adjustability: The design allows you to rotate the lamp’s head and custom-tailor the height. Also, by unscrewing the bottom, you can adjust the angle of the shade and the pole to the desired position.
  •     High quality: It’s UL listed and guaranteed to last a long time. The fact that it’s made of metal makes it sturdy compared to glass lamps and more durable.

Vintage Style Glass Table Lamp

Vintage Style Glass Table Lamp

vintage style glass table lamp

This is a handmade vintage style table lamp product. unique glass lampshades. Each one carefully blown and polished by glass craftsmen.

If you want a lamp, you can adjust the lighting. The Vintage Style Glass Table Lamp comes with a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light throughout the day.

It's a unique handmade vintage lamp with an artificially blown and polished glass that's not painted.

The speckles in the primary color glass refract light, giving a vivid and beautiful appearance.

This Glass Table Lamp’s Edison bulb and rustic primary color glass make it stand out whether switched on or off.

Tiffany Style Table Lamp Banker

Tiffany Table Lamp Banker

tiffany style table lamp banker

This Tiffany-style Desk Lamp has a unique design on its 10 in. wide shade, made to reflect light beautifully. This lamp is handcrafted using the same techniques that were developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s.

Nothing brings a dash of style to your work area and boosts your chi better than this Tiffany Style Banker uniquely designed to reflect light beautifully.

It’s handcrafted using techniques similar to those developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. The handcrafted nature creates a variation in color, size, and design. 

The Tiffany Style Bunker is a beautiful stained glass piece that looks radiant when you turn on the lamp, giving your room a beautiful glow.

It combines two kinds of art glass: white stained glass and transparent stained glass with incandescent glows.

Haitral Small Table Lamps

Haitral Small Table Lamps

haitral small table lamps

The Haitral modern table lamps add a vintage twist that transcends current day modern lamps. A masterfully created silver metal base is complimented by the white fabric shade.

Tired of reaching out under the lamp to turn it off? These elegant little lamps have a button switch on the cord that’s easy to reach.

The switch is close to the lamp base, just about eight inches away, so you don't have to reach under the lampshade to turn it on or off.

Its high-quality metal frame and lamp base give it an elegant look. It's perfect for transforming your living area into a classier hangout.

Besides the bedside, you can opt to place it on your desk for a refined look in fashion lighting.

The red shades add warmth to the lighting, which is great when you're trying to wind down before bed.

Tiffany Glass Stained Reading Lamp

Tiffany Glass Stained Reading Lamp

tiffany glass stained reading lamp

Tiffany table lamp has an ingenious design with sea blue stained glass to make it one of the most gorgeous lamps on the market. Not only does it provide beautiful warm light to illuminate your spaces, it also as a Hand Art crafts for collection.

If you want a touch of elegance and creativity in your home, Tiffany Stained Glass Reading Lamps are the way to go.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau design, these handcrafted lamps make a unique and stunning centerpiece in your living room, bedroom, or office.

Their vibrant designs don’t just add character to a room but light up a dark space and are a bespoke showpiece your guests will admire.

Tiffany Glass Stained Reading lamps are available in a wide range of designs and colors to suit your taste. To get this style, check out the lavender Baroque Style Tiffany Lamp.

Smeike 3-pack Lamp Set

Smeike 3-Pack Lamp Set

smeike 3-pack lamp set

This beautiful 3-piece table and floor lamp set with rotatable swing arm special style design to help you achieve the ideal lighting output. The sturdy metal base with a fabric linen shade.

The Smeike 3-pack lamp’s clean design is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Its clean, simple lines beautifully illuminate a space, making it exude elegance. 

The Smeike lamp features either a contemporary retro brown finish or a warm bronze, both of which deliver a visual punch of style with design-inspired finishing.

The brown fabric shade softens the light, causing the lamp to cast a warm and inviting light that instantly transforms your space into cozy.

It features a high-quality solid metal stand that helps prevent the lampshade from shaking. The solid iron lamp base finish provides improved stability and a stunning appearance.

Oneach Melinda Traditional Table Lamp

Oneach Melinda Traditional Table Lamp

oneach melinda traditional table lamp

The Oneach traditional table lamp is a perfect lighting fixture for living room, bedroom, kid's room, study, reading room, office, and so on. It could be a nice addition to your home, a great gift choice for your family and friends.

Whatever your décor style is, this lamp is a perfect choice for ambient lighting.

Its traditional and minimalist design emits soft light, making a room cozy and comfortable.

Its style is versatile enough that you can use it in any room in your home – living room, bedroom, kids’ room, or study.

The Oneach Melinda is built with high-quality resin and fabric, making it very durable.

Its non-slip base adds to its stability while minimizing scratches caused by friction between the lamp and the table.

It also features an E26 socket compatible with several incandescent, halogen, LED, or CFL lamp bulbs.

Decoluce Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Decoluce Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

decoluce industrial tripod floor lamp

Designed with sophisticated tripod base and ferrous projection lamps, lamp lights up any space with trendy industrial vibes.

The Studio Style Tripod Floor Lamp’s adjustable height and angle design are perfect for an artist or photography studio. That’s because the wood lampstand is foldable, enabling you to save space.

It’s stylish and on-trend. The Studio Style Tripod lamp’s design was inspired by studio lights from Hollywood’s golden era. 

Add Some Vintage Lighting and Transform Your Home

There you have it. Whatever your home décor style or preference, there’s a perfect vintage lamp for you. Go ahead and add a touch of elegance and style to your home with any of these pieces. These relatively small objects can significantly transform your space and make your pad the coolest place to hang out.

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