7 Vintage Frames That Look Like They’re From A Hipster Yard Sale

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You’d never find quality vintage frames from a garage sale for the simple fact that hipsters don’t buy houses with garages. That being said, yard sales might have some quality pieces that go overlooked.

Sure, you can find frames anywhere, but if you’re on a budget, these aren’t the worst places to look. Hipster yard sales tend to look like your everyday American Apparel, so two-for-one, you could also swing a great hang out session while you’re at it.

And if all else fails, refer to this list of seven vintage frames that look like you picked them up from a hipster yard sale.


Victoria Frame


Willow Frames


Mereille Frames


Anthropologie Victoria Frames – For the Always Classy

Victoria Frame

victoria frames

Showcase keepsake photographs and special memories with this ornate, elegant frame.

Any hipster will tell you that Anthropologie is an excellent place to start looking for any quality vintage pieces for your home. It is no surprise, then, that they have a beautiful vintage frame option to spice up any home library or bar cart.

This elegantly styled frame comes in two sizes:

  • 6” H x 4.5” W fits photos 4” H x 4” W
  • 8” H x 5.75” W fits photos 7” H x 5” W

Show off your special moments with these ornate frames. Here are the hot points for loving these vintage frames:

  • Comes in two different sizes
  • The option of two shapes
  • Classic gold or black color choices

Mix and match with different shapes, sizes, and color finishes to glam up this vintage frame look.

Anthropologie Willow Frames – For the Toned-Down Vintage Look

Willow Frames

willow frames

Made with tropical hardwood brass. This product is imported and easily clean with soft cloth. It requires hanging hardware.

Keeping in line with the Anthropologie trend are these beautifully designed frames. If the typical ‘vintage frame’ look comes off as a bit too much for you, these might be the perfect alternative.

These clean but classy frames come in three different sizes:

  • 8.25” H x 6.25” W fits photos 5” H x 7” W
  • 11.25” H x 9.25” W fits photos 8” H x 10” W
  • 15.5” H x 12.5” W fits photos 11” H x 14” W

These frames will require hanging hardware but are sure to bring life to your walls. These are an excellent option for a vintage frame because:

  • Thanks to the simple design, all sizes can be used either vertical or horizontal
  • Simple, yet still vintage look with brass embellishment
  • Comes in three different sizes to mix and match

If you’re looking to add an accent without drawing too much attention, these are the perfect vintage frames for your home.

Anthropologie Mereille Frames – For a Unique Vintage Twist on Frames

Mereille Frames

mereille frames

An imported product made with glass brass and with flower hooks included. You can use dry cloth in wiping or cleaning the frame, and requires hanging hardware.

Leave it to Anthropologie to put a unique spin on a vintage product. We introduce to you these beautiful Mereille hanging frames.

These clean but classy frames come in three different sizes:

  • 8.25” H x 6.25” W fits photos 5” H x 7” W
  • 11.25” H x 9.25” W fits photos 8” H x 10” W
  • 15.5” H x 12.5” W fits photos 11” H x 14” W

Each frame includes the ornate flower hook and the frame, which has a loop hold onto the hook. Because of this, the frames only hang one way, but thankfully come in multiple sizes to fit both vertical and horizontal needs.

Aside from their unique design, here a few more reasons you will fall in love with these frames:

  • Antique brass color gives these frames the perfect vintage look
  • Unique, two-piece design with wall hook and hanging frame
  • Perfect for pressing plants and flowers

Are these the most incredible yard sale find of all time? Your friends will never know.

Wayfair Bellflower Frame – For the Simple Vintage Look

Bellflower Frame

bellflower frame

Mostly made of glass with linear brass accents. The hinged design can lock in place and keep your photo from slipping out.

In case you weren’t aware, Wayfair is like the Amazon of home décor. You’ll often find they run all sorts of sales and discounts on their items, making them a great place to source out some vintage items for your home.

Luckily for you, there is no shortage of vintage frames in their inventory. You can find frames to fit all the different needs you may have for photos.

This vintage yet straightforward frame come in one standard size:

  • 5.3” H x 7” W fits photos 5” H x 7” W

Due to the design, the frames can only hang one way but thankfully come in multiple sizes to fit both vertical and horizontal needs.

You will have to find a wall hook for these frames, but that should be easy to do as they are quite simple by design. Here’s why we think these make for a great vintage addition to your home:

  • Distressed brass gives these frames a vintage style
  • Comes in a set of two; one horizontal and one vertical
  • The hinged design keeps photos in place and can serve as a press for flowers

Whether you’re hanging photos or pressing flowers, these frames will add the perfect vintage touch to your home.

Wayfair Donica Frame – For the Over the Top Vintage Style

Donica Frame

donica frame

Vintage Picture Frame with hand set topaz Swarovski crystal, high quality plating over solid pewter base, brown color stylish silk back has two-way easel.

If simple isn’t quite your style, the Donica frame is the one for you. This gorgeous vintage frame screams royalty and is sure to draw eyes to whatever the photo inside may be.

This vintage, movie star glam frame comes in one size:

  • 5” H x 7” W fits photos 4” H x 6” W

The Donica frame is a tabletop picture frame that spares no detail when it comes to luxury. In case you weren’t sold on it already, here are a few more reasons why we love this frame:

  • Comes in two finish options; brass and gold
  • Made with hand-set topaz Swarovski crystal
  • Use for both horizontal and vertical pictures

Have one beautiful accent piece in your home, or fill your home with these beauties. Either way, you are sure to get compliments for your stunning vintage frames.

Wayfair Thrailkill Frame – For Those Who Think Outside of the Box

Thrailkill Frame

Thrailkill frame

Bordered by a subtle brass edging, this Wall Picture Frame comes equipped with a latch to open and lock shut. Showcase photos pressed flowers and much more with a modern sentiment. Hang from a rustic nail for a seamless finish.

If you’re really into the hanging frames but haven’t been impressed with the options so far, don’t you worry. Wayfair has pulled through in providing a uniquely designed hanging vintage frame that is perfect for you.

These clean-lined accent pieces come in three different sizes for your choosing:

  • 9.5” H x 6.25” W fits photos 4” H x 6” W
  • 11.5” H x 7.25” W fits photos 5” H x 7” W
  • 13.5” H x 8.25” W fits photos 6” H x 8” W

Boasting subtly at its absolute finest, these frames do not skip a beat. It’s as simple as hanging these from a nail, and you’ve completed your vintage look.

As if these frames didn’t speak for themselves, here are a few more reasons why these should be the frames for you:

  • Comes in three different size options for all of your photo needs
  • Wrought Studio is known for their urban attitude meant for the frugal
  • Subtle brass edging gives the ultimate vintage feel

You can mix and match these with your standard rectangle hanging frames or fill your home with all hexagon vintage frames. Either way, these pieces are sure to leave you smiling every time you walk by.

Uncommon Goods Birds and Blooms Art – For Those Who Don’t Know How to Fill Their Frames

Birds And Blossoms Art Picture Frame

birds and blooms art

Show your state pride and celebrate the flora and fauna of home with this beautiful framed artwork by Anna Branning and Mara Murphy. Highlighted by the nostalgic look of vintage botanical prints, bold representations of your state's bird and flower perch and blossom in vibrant detail.

Sure, you’ve got a list of some fantastic vintage frames readily available to you. But, the paradox of choice might cripple you into being able to put pictures in those frames to have them ready to display.

Fear no more. We have the perfect solution.

Uncommon Goods is known for just that – uncommon goods. While they’ve got quite the assortment of knick-knacks, their home décor section is surprisingly well versed.

Vintage wooden frames filled with vintage art displaying your chosen state’s flora and fauna will prove to be a tasteful addition to any home.

These vibrant art pieces come in one standard size:

  • 16.75” H x 12” W

With 50 different states to choose from, you can quickly fill a whole room with these beautiful art pieces. Or, pick out your home state and have one focal piece amongst your other vintage frames.

More reasons to love these frames:

  • Two wood finish options; Barnwood or BonanzaWood
  • Comes ready to hang in frame with plexiglass
  • Created by female friends out of their home base in San Francisco, California

These art pieces are sure to do the talking themselves, but you will want to tell any and everyone about this incredible find.

In Case You Missed the Yard Sale, Let These Vintage Frames Save You

Maybe yard sales aren’t quite your thing. Not a problem.

Just because you want the look of a beautiful vintage yard sale piece doesn’t mean you have to spend the time sifting through someone else’s leftovers. Like many instances in life – the internet is your savior.

Pick up one, some, or all of these vintage frames and leave your friends guessing just where in the world you were able to acquire such an eclectic assortment of artistic pieces.

One last challenge for you, though, is what to fill them with?

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