10 Perfectly Retro Wrapping Papers For Christmas

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Every year Christmas rolls around and we’re left thinking: how can we endure another year of shiny tinsel, off-tune carols and out-of-touch gifts from our aunts? Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas, you have to pick your battles. Maybe trying to get your mom to replace her kitschy plastic tree with a handcrafted wooden one isn’t the right way to go, but you can always add your own hipster spin when you’re wrapping your gifts!

Nowadays, Christmas wrapping paper is as glossy and modern as the rest of it. Covering a vintage typewriter in neon green trees printed on a silver background just doesn’t look right.

Luckily for you, we’ve found 10 vintage-style wrapping papers that will make your next Christmas just a little bit more hipster-friendly.


Evergreen Christmas Tissue Paper


Berry Frost Printed Tissue Paper


K-Kraft Vintage Prints


Evergreen Christmas Printed Tissue Paper

Evergreen Christmas Tissue Paper

evergreen christmas tissue paper

Evergreen Kraft Tissue Paper by the ream is made from 100% recycled kraft paper. Trees have sweet red birds resting in them.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a classic green Christmas tree, and nothing says Hipster quite like putting a vintage spin on one. With a light brown background and simple tree design featuring a few red birds, this paper has an almost antique look to it.

The set is best for wrapping gifts or putting inside gift bags to add a subtle pop of color instead of those bright, modern papers.

  • 240 sheets each measuring 20”x30”

Berry Frost Printed Tissue Paper

Berry Frost Printed Tissue Paper

berry frost printed tissue paper

Printed tissue paper gives a simple bag style, adds pizzazz to boxes or makes a simple wrap by itself. The tissue paper is printed on 100% recycled paper.

This pack of 240 sheets of printed paper has a bright and cheerful berry pattern that looks good enough to eat and is printed on 100% recycled paper. What more could you want for Christmas?

The great thing about this paper is that it’s not overtly Christmassy – after all, those cliché Santa and reindeer patterns can be totally overused during the holidays. The red berries stand out against the stark white background, and your presents will stand out too.

  • 240 sheets each measuring 20”x30”

Set of 3 K-Kraft Vintage Prints

K-Kraft Vintage Prints

k-kraft vintage prints

Our natural vintage Kraft paper has a naturally occurring courser texture than conventional wrapping paper. It's strong and durable yet easy to work with.

Keen to make the presents under your tree look like something straight out of a retro magazine?

Each set of these wrapping papers features three distressed-style prints: one light blue North Pole themed, one with a square pattern and the other with classic Christmas greetings in greens and reds. We can guess that the last pattern will be your favorite because it has hipster features like moustaches and glasses!

The colours are also matte and more dulled-down than those shiny modern papers, which makes it perfect for a hipstery Christmas.

  • The set contains 3 rolls each measuring 30”x180”

Note Card Cafe Bella Kraft Christmas Wrapping Paper

Cafe Bella Kraft Christmas Wrapping Paper


Add style to any occasion, the traditional brown craft color makes it look elegant and neat. Choose from our wide range of colors and patterns. Patterns include Stars, Snowflakes, Holly, Chevron, Trees, and Diagonal Stripes in a mixture of red and green colors

We’ll start by saying that one of our favorite things about this wrapping paper is that it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The second best thing is that you get to pick between four different styles! Out of the four, our personal favorites are Retro and Classic because they have that quintessential vintage brown paper coloring and matte Christmas coloring.

Your guests might even be fooled into thinking this is authentic vintage paper…

  • Set of 6 rolls each measuring 30”x120”

K-Kraft Vintage Prints Christmas Set: Mistletoe, Reindeer & Soda Shoppe

K-Kraft Vintage Prints Christmas Set


Our unique vintage paper is made with high quality kraft paper, printed and solid. Perfect for retro inspired Christmas postal packages or under the

Christmas tree.

Instead of being printed on traditional brown paper like a lot of other papers on this list, this set has blue, green ,and red backgrounds with natural accents. But, don’t worry, they’re not your typical intense modern colors. Instead, the tones are soft and subtle with a retro-distressed aesthetic to them.

We really like the Soda Shoppe design with the blue background because it puts a hipster-approved twist on the usual Christmas theme.

  • 3 rolls each measuring 30”x180”

Jam Paper Christmas Kraft Wrapping Paper

Jam Paper Christmas Kraft Wrapping Paper

jam christmas wrapping paper

This decorative wrapping paper is designed specifically for the Christmas and holiday season. Made with high quality smooth paper, wrap your gifts and present them to your friends and loved ones with this festive holiday gift wrap.

This set of 6 decorative wrapping papers is designed specifically for Christmas, and it features one of our all-time favourite styles: the classic plaid.

If you haven’t wrapped your presents in green and red plaid paper before, you’re in for a lumberjack treat. The matte finish with brown tones also gives your presents that rustic feel – Christmas cabin in the woods, anyone?

  • Set of 5 rolls each measuring 25 square feet

Cavallini & Co. Vintage Christmas Toys Wrapping Paper

Cavallini & Co. Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

cavallini & co. wrapping paper

Luxury Italian archival paper stock perfect for wrapping, posters, framing and other creative endeavors.

If there was ever a wrapping paper worth framing – this is it. A beautiful vintage Christmas toy-themed decoupage is printed on heavy Italian archival paper for the ultimate retro decoration.

The illustrations are in that classic mid-century style that comes straight out of a vintage toy catalogue and are incredibly detailed. The paper is so interesting that trying to wrap presents in it would be ridiculously distracting…

  • 1 sheet measuring 20”x28”

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Vintage Gift Wrap

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Vintage Gift Wrap

how the grinch stole Christmas Gift wrap

Unique wrapping paper based off the iconic Christmas movie!

Before the animated movie and Jim Carrey’s lovable grump, The Grinch was an iconic character in Dr Seuss’s 1957 children's book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – and what could be more vintage than that?

This roll of wrapping paper is covered in illustrations in the original book style (almost like a comic book) and it’s so cool that you could probably just give it as a present alone. Any hipster would love it! We know we would.

  • 1 roll measuring 40 square feet

RUSPEPA Kraft Wrapping Paper Rolls

Ruspera Kraft Wrapping Paper Rolls

ruspera kraft wrapping paper

Pretty thick kraft wrapping paper, birthday theme design printed. Comes in roll form consisting of 1 separate individually wrapped in plastic, not folded

so no creases!

If you don’t want to conform to cliche Christmas styles, why not switch things up a bit and wrap your presents in drawings of vegetables? Or what about lemons? You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this unique paper.

This thick kraft wrapping paper has a minimalist edge to it thanks to the traditional brown paper background which is decorated with repetitive patterns which means you can add your own ribbons or ties without making it too over the top.

  • Each roll measures 24”x1200”

3 Pack Christmas Print Kraft Wrapping Paper

3 Pack Christmas Print Kraft Wrapping Paper

3 pack print kraft wrapping paper

No wax, no coating, environmentally friendly traditional brown kraft paper, not butcher paper. Suitable for children's art and handicraft projects, holiday/special occasion gift packaging, table flags/covers, packaging, transportation, painting, protection of floors, walls and furniture.

There are five different pattern choices for this wrapping paper, and each one is more classic than the next. Printed on traditional environmentally-friendly brown paper, the designs are more simple than some of the wacky prints on this list, but that’s what makes it so great for those who like to have an easy Christmas celebration.

What we really like about these sets is that can throw a bunch of presents all wrapped in the different style together and it will still look like you’ve perfectly curated a vintage theme!

  • 3 rolls each measuring 14”x20”

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