The Best Vintage Christmas Cards For The 2021 Holiday Season

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Do you want to stand out this Christmas season with amazing old-fashioned Christmas cards? Do you want vintage Christmas cards to send out greetings this year and part ways with the traditional and mundane options of seasons past? We have a list of kitschy-cool cards for your holiday list.

The core purpose of Christmas cards is to showcase your love for the season and your relatives. They don’t have to be boring or unappealing, even if the message inside is predictable.

This is why you can use vintage Christmas cards this season and break away from the traditional norms of society. Stand out with statement-worthy and truly unique Xmas cards that inspire a bit of nostalgia and merriment.


Multi-Layered Vintage Christmas Cards With Gold Embellishments

multi-layered vintage christmas cards

Mid-Century Retro Christmas Cards For a COZY Season Greeting

mid-century retro christmas cards

Vintage Coming Attractions Style Christmas Cards

vintage coming attractions christmas cards

Multi-Layered Vintage Christmas Cards with Gold Embellishments

Multi-Layered Vintage Christmas Cards With Gold Embellishments

multi-layered vintage christmas cards

Share Love and appreciation in shimmering style with our dimensional holiday Greeting cards. Includes 12 cards with interior Greetings and tasteful helpings of gems, gold foil, and glitter.

Gone are the days of sticking to one-fold Christmas cards with generic one-liner greetings. It is time to embrace multi-layered and multi-dimensional vintage Xmas cards and welcome the snowy season in a brand-new way.

Send season greetings with multidimensional Christmas cards and stylish layers of gems, gold foil, and glitter. These will truly help you stand out compared to one-fold plastic cards with simple generic statements and greetings. 

Let quality stock paper and shining gems do the talking for you. These multidimensional designs will liven up the greetings, and you will get complimented for your choice of cards and style.

Are you looking for the best multi-layered Christmas cards with a touch of vintage style? You can use this dimensional Christmas card.

Why should you use these cards from Punch Studio? You will get 12 cards and envelopes, giving you the chance to send out layered notes for a unique dimensional effect with a statement, "Wishing you all the joys of the season.” 

These cards also offer enticing and stunning gem embellishments and gold foil accents to further enhance the card's aesthetics. Moreover, these are covered in clear PVC plastic to offer durability and scratch resistance.

Mid-Century Retro Christmas Cards for A Cozy Season Greeting

Mid-Century Retro Christmas Cards For a COZY Season Greeting

mid-century retro christmas cards

Mid Century Couple Christmas Cards feature a vintage style pad with a cozy couple warming up in front of a modern fireplace at Christmas time. The vintage aluminum Christmas tree gleams in the corner while a record player spins holiday tunes.

Are you looking for something retro and cozy rather than the boring and traditional greeting cards? You can easily get that with mid-century retro Christmas cards that offer a rather cozy themed greeting to the receivers.

Mid-century holiday greetings often feature a couple warming up by a modern fireplace or looking out at the starry night sky while offering a heartwarming greeting. These cards offer a unique combination of retro style and modern-era touch.

These cards look like something out of a sci-fi movie and present enough retro style in every single component to go along with your distinctive vibe. This is the perfect way to send out greetings in a retro style.

If you are interested in this style, you can use the amazing Mid Century Couple Christmas Cards for the coming season greetings. You will get eight cards in the package, and each card comes with a stunning and appropriate red envelope.

All these cards are printed on a 12 pt heavy card stock for durability, elegance, and clarity. The cover includes the famous song, “baby, it’s cold outside.”

There is also a vintage aluminum Christmas tree in the corner and a record player on the side. This is the ultimate Xmas card for those who are tired of using generic cards for the holiday season and want something different.

Vintage Coming Attractions Style Christmas Cards

Vintage Coming Attractions Style Christmas Cards

vintage coming attractions  christmas cards

Santa Claus One Night Only Christmas Cards feature a retro design reminiscent of a vintage coming attractions poster - but in this case, the coming attraction is Santa and his "eight kickin' reindeer" direct from the North Pole. Everyone knows he only comes once a year! A fun card for fans of vintage event posters, advertising and music.

These are the perfect reminiscent of vintage coming attractions posters and go along perfectly with the distinctive vibe that you are trying to achieve with vintage cards. From the bright color scheme to the bold font, these Coming Attractions designs are designed to be exclusive. 

Nostalgic feelings are bound to be stirred up when people receive these special cards. You will definitely get some compliments from those who receive them. 

If you are looking for the perfect vintage Christmas cards, this is it for you. These cards look like they are straight out of the ‘80s and go along with the season greetings without looking odd.

If you want to use such cards for the coming Christmas season, try these fun Santa ones. These cards look stunning on a transparent PVC plastic cover and come with enough retro touch to remind everyone of the good old days.

Instead of the traditional greetings, these cards say, “Santa Claus is comin' to town! Have a Merry Christmas.” This is perfect for those who are looking to part ways with humdrum greetings and generic statements and offer something unique at your fingertips. 

Vintage Christmas Cards with Retro Outdoor Settings

Vintage Christmas Cards With Retro Outdoor Settings

retro outdoor beach settings christmas cards

Vintage Beach Camper Christmas Cards feature a decorated vintage camper with a classic Woody Wagon. A Christmastime beach scene. A couple are enjoying cocktails as they watch the surfers in the sunset colors.

Do you love old-timey cars, campers, and outdoor beach settings? Do you love the classic outdoor RV settings with fire grills, sunset, and crystal-clear beaches? If yes, this is it for you.

These kinds of Xmas cards come with old-timey beaches, campers, and outdoor recreational activities that are enough to send the receivers spiraling down memory lane. These are far from the traditional and boring Christmas cards and offer something unique, retro, and vintage at your disposal. 

For some, such Christmas cards will evoke memories of early childhood activities with parents, while older recipients will become nostalgic of their own time during the ‘80s. Therefore, these are perfect for more than one generation in your house. 

Want to go with this holiday trend? Check out Vintage Beach Camper Christmas Cards. These come with a vintage camper with a retro Woody Wagon in a Christmastime beach scene.  

Moreover, these cards offer two-in-one greetings with “Warm Wishes for A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.” You can take care of two events with one amazing greeting. 

Vintage Christmas Cards from the ‘50s

Vintage Christmas Cards From The ‘50s

50's vintage christmas cards

Vintage Main Street Christmas Cards - It's Christmastime in the 1950s and holiday shoppers and happy children hit the town. Santa Claus rings his bell as kids admire all the new toys in the department store window.

If you are also in love with the classic busy streets of the olden days and the hustle and bustle of the 1950s, these cards are perfect for you. These cards often feature a busy main street on the front cover, and snow falling upon the pedestrians.

Moreover, these cards also have well-decorated cities, vintage cars, classic Christmas Time setting in the background as all the shops are decorated to celebrate the beautiful season. Holiday shoppers, happy children, and all the festivities are painted beautifully on the main covers. 

Vintage Main Street Christmas Cards will keep the ‘50s theme alive in the coming season. Christmastime in the 1950s is depicted on these cards, along with holiday shoppers and happy children running about a festive main street.

Moreover, these cards also come with the classic greeting line, “It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!” Sending out such quaint cards to your friends and loved ones will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Christmas Cards with Holiday Decorations and Toys

Vintage Christmas Cards With Holiday Decorations And Toys

vintage toy store window christmas cards

Vintage Toy Store Window Christmas Cards features a department store window filled with toys from Christmas past including a pedal car, electric train, and doll house.

Remember when Christmas was about being happy, jolly, and lively rather than being politically correct to everyone? It is time to bring that back with the childish-looking vintage Xmas cards.

You can use these cards to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas while staying true to your retro fashion sense. Cards of the past often included amazing toys, well-decorated windows, and happy kids running around under the gorgeous snowfall.

With all the makings of a beautiful holiday season, these cards would be perfect for reminding everyone about the true meaning of Christmas. Also, your card will look unique among boring traditional holiday cards that have no heartwarming message but generic statements. 

If you want to use such cards for yourself, check out Vintage Toy Store Window Christmas Cards. These will remind everyone what Christmas is all about, and why should you spend it with your loved ones rather than in front of the TV.

These cards come with heartwarming greeting lines, such as “Christmas gifts may come and go but Christmas memories last a lifetime.” Say goodbye to modern-era emotionless greetings, and send out Christmas greetings with a brand-new style.

Monochromatic and Simple Vintage Christmas Cards

Monochromatic And Simple Vintage Christmas Cards

monochromatic vintage christmas cards

Take these appealing cards to someone who are special for you. From fresh, trendy designs to elegant, eye-catching looks, there's a greeting that express your style and spread some smiles .

Are you trying to stay true to a minimalist style? Well, try going for the plain Xmas cards with no fancy embellishments and just the message.

These cards only have a plain color scheme and come with a simple yet catching greeting statement in gorgeous handwriting—these aim to be elegant, stylish, and catchy.

These simple vintage “Merry Christmas” cards will fit the bill if simple and monochrome are on your wish-list.

These cards also come with writeable glue dots for those who want to add a personalized message for their relatives. This way, you can stand out without having to use a generic Xmas card.

The Takeaway

Stand out this Christmas season with brilliant and heartwarming vintage Christmas cards that share the season’s greetings while making a statement. You can say more with retro style cards that reflect your personality while still wishing loved ones well.

Whether you’re into monochrome style Christmas cards or retro designs that literally pop out at the recipient, there’s a vintage pick here to suit your needs. Plus, every design is timeless; you can buy in bulk and never worry about them going out of style.

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