The Seven Best Sweaters for Hipsters

Sweaters are an incredibly iconic aspect of hipster fashion. While hipster looks can suit any season, when we think of a hipster, many tend to think of the iconic hipster sweater (and usually that beanie, too).

While everyone has a good, warm sweater somewhere in their closet, you might be surprised by how many different styles of sweaters exist. Hipsters are some of the best at finding these fringe styles, accessorizing them, and also incorporating them into stylish everyday outfits.

7 Sweater Trends That Hipsters Love

In the sections below, we’ll introduce you to some of the most influential sweater style trends of the hipster populace. So, read on to learn more!

The Vintage Sweater

hipster sweaters

Of course, the first (and most important) sweater addition to any hipster’s wardrobe should be the vintage sweater. Old sweaters are incredibly easy to find. But, turning one of these into a fashion-forward hipster outfit is a bit less straightforward.

Since layering is so prevalent in hipster style, women have their vintage sweater search a bit easier than men. For example, women can purchase an oversized sweater and wear it with leggings or other form-fitting pants to create a cohesive outfit.

Hipster men, on the other hand, look best with a well-fitting vintage sweater, and these may be a bit more difficult to find. In addition to this, it may be easier for men to purchase new “vintage-look” sweaters instead of finding authentic ones, but this does defeat the purpose of a vintage sweater somewhat.

Because you’re purchasing something secondhand instead of brand-new, vintage sweaters are incredibly environmentally friendly. In addition, most hipsters see this as a benefit to the style trend as well.

Likewise, vintage sweaters are also especially charming because they make use of the “intentionally ugly” sweater look. Hipsters are also adept at turning an ugly sweater into an attractive fashion statement. As a result, this makes the ensemble all the more attractive and appealing!

You can find ugly hipster sweaters in all sorts of patterns, knits, and styles, such as the following:

  • Zig-zag or patterned sweaters
  • Striped sweaters
  • Checkered sweaters
  • Strange color combinations
  • Holiday sweaters

Knit Sweaters

hipster sweaters

While patterned sweaters can also be knit, a good-quality knit sweater can upstage a vintage sweater just about any day. Knit sweaters bring warm fuzzy feelings, and instead of having a focus on upcycled or secondhand clothing, knit sweaters work best when bought new (or made by hand).

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed with a secondhand knit sweater. However, knit sweaters look incredibly dashing when they fit correctly, so you may have more trouble finding an oversized one that looks as good.

There are many different styles and patterns of knit sweaters. While all of them show off a similar silhouette, you may find one trend that you like more than the others. For example, there are:

  • Cable-knit sweaters
  • Loose-knit sweaters
  • Ribbed sweaters
  • Fisherman-knit sweaters
  • Twist-knit sweaters
  • And many more!

Knit sweaters are incredibly cozy, warm, and versatile, and they’re also easily made from environmentally-friendly fibers. For example, a chunky knit sweater adapts well to fibers like hemp, cruelty-free wool and fur, and many others.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to go above and beyond, you could even learn how to knit your own environmentally-friendly sweater! To do this, you’ll only need to choose your favorite fiber blend, and start knitting away! It doesn’t get more hipster than that.

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Hipster Hoodies

hipster sweaters

While hoodies aren’t necessarily “sweaters,” per se, they function in a similar enough way to deserve their own place on this list. Functionally, the only difference between a sweater and a hoodie is that a hoodie has a hood, but they also tend to be made with very different fabrics, hip graphics, and other features.

Kangaroo pockets are a standard feature on hoodies, for example, but they’re rarely found on sweaters. Additional features that might exist on one but not the other include:

  • Drawstrings
  • Presence of knit fibers
  • Embroidery

Functionally, hoodies are usually closer to sweatshirts than sweaters, but since sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies all have a place in hipster style, we couldn’t just pass over them! Sweatshirts were initially designed to protect athletes and workers from lousy weather. However, they’ve now branched into everyday wear as well.

In the end, hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts all function the same: they work as an insulating garment that’s typically worn over another shirt.

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Button-Up Sweaters

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The button-up sweater is a classic formal wear addition to any hipster’s wardrobe. It also adds just a touch of class to an outfit that pullover or zip-up sweaters can’t match.

Maybe it’s the presence of the buttons that makes all the difference? Whatever it is, if you’re looking to have a well-balanced sweater collection, you definitely need to have a button-up in your wardrobe!

However, button-ups for women and men tend to be fundamentally different. Women’s button-up sweaters tend to be closer to cardigans, and they’re also best worn over formal blouses or dresses.

Men’s button-up sweaters, however, work best over a plain T-shirt and tend to be the centerpiece of an outfit. As such, women’s button-ups tend to be plain, while men’s are usually patterned or knit.

However, this doesn’t mean that both styles can’t cross to either gender, however. This only becomes truer when we venture into hipster territory since they’re so fond of breaking preexisting style rules.

Adventurous males (and females, if they desire) can also wear a smart tie with a collared shirt and a button-up sweater or vest for a charming, more professional look.

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Oversized Sweaters

hipster sweater

Oversized sweaters are a strange grey area of hipster sweaters. Most other hipster sweaters are regulated or defined by something obvious. However, oversized sweaters are regulated by fit alone.

Oversized sweaters can be any knit, color, style, age, or material, as long as they’re oversized and baggy. Hipsters can also pull off this oversized look with sweatshirts and hoodies with some careful accessory choices.

The only problem with oversized sweaters arises when we look at styles between genders. While oversized sweaters work well for women, especially when paired with form-fitting articles like leggings (as we talked about earlier on), they don’t work as well for men.

Still, this doesn’t mean that men cannot pull off the oversized sweater look. However, it’s much less common, and the right way to accessorize it for men is a bit less clear. If you want to take on the challenge, you absolutely should do so!

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Sweater Dresses

hipster sweaters

Sweater dresses have been a popular fashion trend for many years. While they have changed over the years, the sweater dress has returned both in form-fitting and boho-style baggy dresses.

While the baggy style tends to be more “hipster” simply because of its different-ness, a form-fitting sweater dress, with the right accessories, can be hipster, too.

Much to no surprise, hipster style is often all about layering. However, the beauty of a baggy sweater dress is that you usually don’t need to layer it with too many other articles to create a warm, cuddly outfit.

However, if you are in the mood to layer, it’s just as easy to grab a form-fitting sweater dress and layer it with some scarves and jackets instead! This is an excellent way to avoid wearing baggy, ugly coats during the colder seasons, too.

Just like regular sweaters, sweater dresses come in several styles, colors, and knits, such as:

  • Cable knit
  • Vintage
  • Oversized (not a sweater dress, but a sweater so large that it’s dress-sized)
  • “Ugly” sweater
  • Hoodie dress

However, the one caveat of sweater dresses is that they aren’t typically made for men. While men’s hipster style tends to be rustic and masculine, if you have designs on wearing a sweater dress as a male, you do you – that’s what hipster style is all about, after all.

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Novelty Sweaters

hipster sweaters

When looking at hipster sweater styles, we can’t forget about novelty sweaters. Since hipsters are always keen on novelty themes, designs, icons, and phrases, sweatshirts are an excellent clothing option.

Novelty sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies also come in hundreds of different themes and designs. So if you’re a fan of sweaters, the chances are that something you like is available on a hipster-style sweater.

For example, novelty sweaters may have funny puns, icons or characters from past decades, environmental causes, prints, or even ecological scenes.

Can you think of any icons, characters, or themes from your childhood that give you nostalgia? Nostalgia is also an essential keystone of many hipster trends, and the easiest way to show this off is to print the icon on a sweater.

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Final Thoughts

While many people have a reaction to the word “hipster,” these people get a lot of things right. It’s true that some hipsters take their desire for counter-culture a little too far, but, they still do a great job of creating new fashion trends.

Besides, can you really hate a hipster if they invent a new style that you love? After all, you don’t have to be a hipster to dress like one.

So the next time you see a hipster out and about in an attractive sweater, take a minute to think about how you can incorporate that into your own wardrobe.

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