Four Funky Hipster Sunglasses Styles

Hipsters might be famous for their love of avocados and shopping locally, but when the term “hipster” first became a more commonly-known phrase in the 2000s, the demographic tended to be synonymous with a particular style.

Of course, with any sense of fashion, accessories top off an outfit, and sunglasses are a must for both men and women. Sunglasses can add a bold statement to your wardrobe if done correctly. More importantly, they are an accessory everyone should use.

Hipster Sunglasses

This fun accessory helps protect your vision long-term. Not only are sunglasses healthy for your eyes and functional to help prevent squinting, but they can also take an ensemble and elevate it to that iconic hipster style. Hipsters have also helped alter some of the more popular sunglasses on the market today, as they began wearing some throwback styles as ironic pieces, which later became more mainstream again.

Hipster sunglasses vary a little from typical frames for prescription glasses. Prescription (non-tinted) shades many hipsters rock tend to be in the thick-rimmed or horn-rimmed 1960s styles. With sunnies, the design varies, and many hipster trends lean toward vintage trends but from more contemporary eras, like the 1990s.

Round Sunglasses

hipster sunglasses

Round sunglasses technically come in a few styles, such as round clubmaster sunglasses. However, in this case, we are talking about distinctively round shades, similar to the kind you might picture John Lennon wearing.

These sunglasses are a style that still harkens back to the 1960s, and while they are not as “geek” as the horn-rimmed glasses, hipsters rock this look a lot, especially if you can find a more uniquely-designed pair. For example, round lenses with a broader metal rim or a steampunk type of style.

Round sunglasses saw an increase in popularity in the last few years, somewhat taking the place of the wayfarer style that many hipsters wore in the early 2010s. Round glasses are one of the more popular hipster trends these days, but they don’t always work for everyone.

Round hipster sunglasses will tend to work with people who do not have especially round faces. If you have a more heart-shaped, long oval, or even square face, round shades can look fantastic on you.

If you are self-conscious of having a round face, steer away from these sunglasses, as they can increase that rounded look.

Round sunglasses come in a variety of styles, but for a more distinctively hipster look, you can pick up a brightly colored pair. While colorful lenses on round sunglasses may not be the typical look for hipster shades, the style is ever-evolving, and, even among hipsters, some design preferences shift a bit with time.

Or try out a more steampunk style like these that go well with tats and that handlebar mustache. If you can pair some steampunk sunglasses with a spyglass or a unicycle, you’ll be hipster gold.

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Throwback ‘90s Sunglasses/Wayfarer

hipster sunglasses

If you’re not into the round lenses, wayfarer sunglasses are another huge hipster style. In prescription glasses, thick-rimmed wayfarers give you that ‘60s geek vibe toward which hipsters tend to gravitate.

However, when you throw tinted lenses in wayfarer rims, they suddenly take on the late 1980s/early 1990s aesthetic that gained popularity again in the last ten years.

There is a lot of variety of wayfarer sunglasses out there. However, if you want a more hipster wayfarer pair, look for unique designs, such as wooden-frame wayfarers.

A wayfarer set without the thick-rim on the bottom, only along the top, is another ideal option (like this pair) for this hipster style. We love wayfarer sunglasses because they look good on almost any face type and are typically flattering for both men and women.

Many wayfarer shades also lack the wired nose pads, which can get caught in hair if you put them on your head. We would steer clear of this type of sunglasses style if you have a very crooked or irregular nose, though, as you don’t get to adjust them because of the lack of nose pads.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

We’ll bring up the topic of wooden-frame shades again, as hipsters are also notable for their environmental awareness. Similarly, if you can find a sweet pair of thrifty sunglasses and reuse a donated item, fantastic!

If you don’t revel in the idea of something that sat on a stranger’s face going on yours, another option is eco-friendly sunglasses. There exist a lot of possibilities with environmentally responsible shades, such as biodegradable sunglasses made from organically-derived plastics that will biodegrade instead of sitting in a landfill forever.

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You can also select partially naturally-sourced sunglasses like these on Amazon, which are crafted partially from sustainable, fast-growing bamboo. If you can’t stand heavy shades, bamboo frames are an excellent option because they are lightweight.

Another option is that of sunglasses made from a blend of recycled plastics and wood. It’s good to know all of our recycling goes to making something new, and many of the styles are in alignment with the hipster aesthetic, too.

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Furthermore, eco-friendly sunglasses work for everyone. No matter what your style is, recycling unused plastic is a smart choice, regardless of your fashion.

Sunglasses with Bold Colors

hipster sunglasses

Regardless of the frame style, sunglasses with bold colors are something to look for with hipster shades. If you like to have more than one pair around, colorful glasses can make for a fun accessory to complement a variety of clothes—think red with that plaid shirt, or a fun yellow with the funky sunshine yellow sweater.

Better yet, throw on a pair of complementary colors, such as orange-framed sunglasses with a blue shirt.

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Hipsters are known for their sometimes eye-catching fashion, even if it looks like they aren’t trying. That lumberjack look is probably more thought out than you’d expect.

A colored sunglasses can also take a more mundane-looking ensemble and give it a chic appearance.

Especially for those hipsters who favor brighter colors in their outfits or fun accessories like suspenders, shades with bold hues can be a hit. Colorful shades are also a fantastic second pair of shades if your usual sunnies are a classic round wireframe or a black clubmaster style.

If you like the wayfarer style, but want something other than typical black, consider colored frames like these on those thick-rimmed sunglasses.

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Brightly colored sunglasses are fantastic for hipsters who like more daring styles. They also work for events, like music festivals, or maybe for an afternoon out at brunch.

What says weekend brunch better than mimosa orange or a light pastel shade? (Side note: colorful sunglasses are an easy way to perk up your look when you have to wear them while hungover)


hipster sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses are another style that screams hipster in an attractive, effortless cool kind of way. Whether you’re into tats, facial hair, or boho braids, or a more classic style, clubmaster shades are the way to go.

Clubmaster shades stylistically blend the thick-rimmed “geek” vibe along with the metal rims of steampunk sunglasses. As a result, this might be part of what makes these glasses so prevalent among hipsters. Whatever it is, we are a fan of this style and think it works for almost anyone. Check out this pair of clubmaster shades on Amazon.

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Get a set of clubmaster Ray-bans like these, and in the hipster world, that’s even better. Ray-bans are like the PBR of sunglasses—we don’t mean the quality, but a cult following among hipsters for the brand.

Clubmaster sunnies pair well with a variety of styles, for example:

  • Caps such as beanies or black floppy hats
  • Hipsters who like leather (or vegan faux leather) jackets and tattoos
  • Plaid shirts and other lumberjack/outdoorsy looks
  • Music festival outfits

We think clubmaster sunglasses are ideal shades to try if you’re unsure what will complement your style. These shades also work if you want to throw a more everyday pair into your wardrobe if you typically sport overly colorful sunglasses.

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Final Thoughts

Sunglasses are functional for almost everyone, protecting your eyes from UV rays. For both men and women, shades can also act as a daily accessory to compliment your look, whether you are classically elegant or hipster. So, which style would you pick? Take a look at some of the options above and find your peeper-protecting style.

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