Ultimate Guide to Hipster Bike Helmets

hipster bike helmets

What makes a bike helmet for hipsters different than any other bike helmet? The Ultimate Guide to Hipster Bike Helmets Well, let’s first take a closer look at what a hipster bike helmet isn’t. Hipster helmets aren’t throwback helmets built decades ago. Safety is always the first consideration, which means you’ll need a modern bike …

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Five Hipster Watch Trends

hipster watches

Along with the many other style trends that hipsters have resurrected, hipsters have started to popularize the practice of keeping several nice watches, too. A good watch can be a defining feature of any man’s (or even woman’s) outfit, but in the age of smart devices and smartphones, they have become less common. 5 Hipster …

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The 13 Coziest Hipster Comforters

hipster comforters

There’s nothing like lying in your bed and watching the world go by while you binge watch that season you’ve meant to get to. You need an amazing comforter to make that work for you, but you don’t have to settle for a big box store drab-looking comforter. Let’s take a look at some awesome …

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Top 12 Hipster Phone Cases

hipster phone cases

Your phone might be a concession to the modern digital world, but in reality, your soul is more complicated than that. Showcase your love of vintage, geek, or ironic things with a phone case that helps protect your investment and ensures no one takes you for a simple yuppie glued to your phone. 12 Best …

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The Most Stylish Hipster Pants

hipster pants

Congratulations! You’ve achieved hipster status. You’ve moved to your hipster city, got your favorite coffee in hand, and now you need to fill out your hipster look. One of those pieces is the hipster pants, so let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll need. Hipster Pants – The Complete List Hipster pants are always …

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The Hipster Lumberjack Look How-To

hipster lumberjack look

Who doesn’t love a lumberjack? From the mythological stories of Paul Bunyan to the Canadian lumberjack force to Monty Python’s classic sketch, and Dexter’s final appearance, lumberjacks have always been, and will always be in style. How to Nail the Hipster Lumberjack Look Lumberjacks play heavily into the hipster look, but you can’t just throw …

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The Most Hipster Slang Words

hipster words

Hipsters are a subculture that has grown into a substantial demographic in the last ten years. While a lot of people want to deny their hipster-ness, casual observation will tell an onlooker another story. Hipster Words: Hipster Slang You Need to Know in 2020 When you hear hipsters talking, it can help confirm their membership …

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The Best Hipster Wallets

hipster wallets

If you need to hipster-fy your cash and cards, a great wallet is the way to go. Hipster wallets aren’t a big eye-catcher, but when you do have to pull out your loyalty card for your favorite coffee shop, you need a wallet that holds up your reputation. Make sure your wallet is up to …

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