Hipster vs Hippie

Sure your boomer uncle may not know the difference, but if you’re going to express your personal style fully, you’ll need to understand the difference between hippies and hipsters. Although both need to buck tradition and make their own way through the cultural implications of living, they have different ways of doing it.

Hipster Versus Hippie: Know the Difference

Hippies and hipsters are both parts of a counter-culture movement, but their paths are slightly different. Here are the most obvious ways to tell apart a hippie and a hipster when you see them out in the wild.

We’ll take a look at a few different categories to help us establish the difference between hipster and hippie. Whether you’re trying to argue with your uncle or

The Look: Tie-Dye Versus Thrift Store

hipster vs hippie

Ok, both hippies and hipsters tend to look like they bought everything in a thrift store, but the difference is hipsters aren’t afraid to shell out big bucks for something that just looks vintage. Hipsters get a lot of flack for this, but in reality, they’re often more willing to pay for small artisans, eco-friendly fabrics, or clothing that helps with a good cause.

Hippies are also concerned about those things, but their focus is on reusing and recycling items that would typically end up in the landfill. No fast fashion for true hippies here.

Instead, they love a good tie-dye because it allows them to reuse articles of clothing brightly and creatively on the cheap.

Getting the hipster look isn’t difficult. You’ll need to consider the story for each piece of clothing you have.

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You might consider these jeans from Studio D’Artisan, a Japanese Selvedge jean from Kojima (widely considered the birthplace of Japanese denim). This hand-knit beanie from Nepal comes from the expertise of local artisans and offers a classic neutral style.

Hippies may enjoy these handmade in India harem pants, providing lots of space and freedom for running, impromptu yoga, or holding a sit-in. They’re easy to care for and super comfortable.

The subtle pattern and design is an updated hippie look that provides modern hippies with room to move in nature.

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The Sustenance: Coffee Versus Kombucha

hipster vs hippie

The title is misleading because both hippies and hipsters enjoy both, so you’re good there. However, hippies are known for their master brewing techniques, while hipsters helped make artisanal small back coffee from fair trade roasters a thing.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

In truth, the real difference is the process. Hipsters are well aware of the need to live in the world despite capitalistic issues, so they’re willing to bring their passions to the stage in order to stay solvent.

Enter craft coffees and craft beers.

Artisanal coffees are the hallmark of hipster culture, as are craft brews from small-batch breweries testing the limits of what you can do with beer.

For example, this coffee sampler from some of Seattle’s most famous small-batch roasters would fit the bill. This simple beer flight tasting set would also be an excellent gift for hipsters who enjoy testing new brews.

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Hippies probably already have their kombucha SCOBY from a friend, but a set of wide mouth jars perfect for both the regular and the Jun SCOBY is a great gift.

They may also appreciate the taste of this genuine Chinese tea for its health and wellness benefits.

The Hobbies – Vintage Versus Spiritual

hipster vs hippie

Hipsters and hippies can both love vintage things, and both be spiritual, but hipsters tend to favor vintage hobbies that allow them to take a break from the world as it is. As a result, you might see many hipsters riding vintage bicycles or typing away on typewriters.

Hippies, on the other hand, tend to favor more spiritual pursuits that allow them to escape not just the modern world, but the world in general. Yoga is a perennial favorite among hippies but also anything with spiritual tones such as crystals and different meditation styles.

If you want to try out the hipster aesthetic within your hobbies, this typewriter add-on to your computer could be just the blend you need between getting your work done and the glorious tactile feedback of a retro keyboard. If that isn’t in your budget, the typewriter-inspired pencil cup might hold you over.

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The Schwinn Wayfarer bicycle is a vintage throwback to classic bicycles and is an excellent place to start getting around when you want to ditch the car. Be sure you have a good helmet like this vintage-inspired one with a safety taillight, and you’re good to go.

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For the hippies in the room, this nonslip yoga mat is an odorless, eco-friendly design with markers to help you improve your form. These crystal elixir water bottles could appeal to modern hippies looking for something to supercharge each chakra and help them experience an awakening beyond our physical realm.

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The Decor – Maximal Versus Minimal

hipster vs hippie

Hippies and hipsters love to subvert traditional decor, but they tend to do it in different ways. Hipsters often go for the minimalist aesthetic with a few key pieces with good stories and enough greenery to bring the place around to a carefully curated, peaceful sanctuary.

Hippies are known for their maximal vibes with tons of things that mean a lot to them. Soft throws, plentiful plants, and tons of wallcoverings with bright colors and appealing textures fill their rooms and homes providing a comfortable and casual atmosphere that also provides peace but in a totally different way.

Some famous hipster pieces include bare wood and metal, such as these handmade shelves. They have the dark wood and rust finish, reminiscent of an old bridge the hipster may have encountered on their travels. This quilted book throw brings in not just their love of vintage handicrafts but also the books they read.

ART & ARTIFACT Library Books Quilted Throw Blanket - 100% Cotton 50" x 65"
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Hippies would love the peaceful vibes from this purple mandala wall covering. Purple is the color of the crown chakra, of course, and mandalas are intended as meditation tools for reaching an altered state of consciousness.

This floor cushion is made in India and provides comfortable seating for when everyone is piled into the hippie’s living room, or for those early morning meditation sessions. It’s bright and the most maximal design possible. In other words, it’s perfect.

Popular Handicrafts Large Hippie Mandala Floor Pillow Cover - Cushion Cover - Pouf Cover Round Bohemian Yoga Decor Floor Cushion Case- 32" Multi
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The Music – Underground Versus Jam Bands

hipster vs hippie

Both hippies and hipsters love music that goes against the mainstream, but each one handles that desire differently. Their music tastes often make the cross over, but as long as there’s an authentic message, most hipsters and hippies can appreciate each other’s music.

For hipsters, this coffee mug with the classic hipster band, Grizzly Bear, lyrics, and artwork is a slam dunk in the gift department. This Paradise Lounge promo print from Radiohead’s 1995 concert could also fit their music tastes.

Hippies would love both the record art and the Grateful Dead reference from this piece of wall art. It fits right with this collection of Phish poster prints already in frames and designed for hanging right way.

For both, a good record player is the only way to get the sound and emotion out of favorite music. Record players are in both hipster and hippie homes with no question.

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Plus, this vintage vinyl storage case is a great way to preserve those records scored in a dumpster from being in just the right place at the right time (hippie) or that expensive pre-order vinyl with custom limited edition artwork (hipster).

The Vibe – Hipster Versus Hippie

hipster vs hippie

Both hipsters and hippies want to make the world a better place by subverting mass culture and going an individual route that brings meaning and elegance to the individual lived experience. Hipsters get there through careful consideration of every idea as it’s been taught, and hippies like to transcend the physical world through spiritualism.

As you decide if you or your person is a hipster or a hippie, keep in mind that many of their ideas overflow from one group to the next. Both want a better life, one that’s more fulfilling and less demanding on their souls from corporate culture.

They’re in this for the wildest, most authentic experience and won’t settle for anything less than that.

Final Thoughts

Hipsters and hippies are two examples of counter-culture. As people begin to discover that what they’ve always been taught isn’t necessarily true, they find solace in things that inspire genuine emotions and help them go their own way.

Whether you’re a hipster or a hippie, the most important thing to remember is that both value the individual experience. Finding your own path regardless of the label is the most valuable thing you can do, and labeling yourself as a hipster or a hippie may not get to the root of what either group is all about.

Take our advice and find inspiration from all the things recommended in this article, but remember that individuality reigns. Make sure you’re living your own life, and you’ll find that the labels don’t always matter.

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