Cool Hipster Scarfs for the Cold Season

Hipster fashion is largely based around one core idea: updating older fashions from other eras with a modern, often ironic twist. From glasses with thick, black rims to vintage T-shirts and more, hipsters often specialize in turning uncool into cool.

For example, scarves are a great illustration of this. While people have worn scarves for centuries, hipsters brought them to the forefront of fashion back in the mid-2000s, and they’ve stayed in style ever since.

Although hipsters have a reputation for caring more about style than substance, scarves serve an important function beyond fashion. They keep you warm and help protect your health in cold and wet weather.

Of course, scarves look stylish and sophisticated, too. You can wear them in the office or out-on-the-town.

Whether you already have a closet full of scarves and are looking for more, or you’re introducing them into your wardrobe for the first time, you’re sure to find something you like on our list of the best hipster scarves.

8 Awesome Hipster-Inspired Scarves

Our “Best Of” list includes a variety of scarves inspired by classic hipster fashions. You’ll find scarves for work, play, and a wide range of weather conditions.

Keffiyeh Scarves

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The keffiyeh has a long and interesting history. For those living in the Middle East, keffiyeh scarves are a traditional accessory worn to protect against sun, dust, and sand.

However, in other parts of the world, they’re worn as a fashion accessory.

In the mid-2000s, keffiyeh scarves became a popular fashion accessory among hipsters. Check out this article from the now-defunct Village Voice exploring the “new” trend.

What’s especially interesting is how the 2008 trend recalls the scarves’ popularity among Western trendsetters in the 1980s.

As they say in fashion, what once was old is now new. The keffiyeh is now entering its third period of popularity.

Today, it’s enjoying a fashion resurgence.

Check out this blue and gray keffiyeh scarf from Ted and Jack. Although it probably won’t protect you from a sandstorm, it has a classic hipster style.

Another cool option is this cotton keffiyeh from Hirbawi. It’s available in a huge variety of colors and patterns.


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Hipsters popularized the printed tee back in the mid-00s, and it’s remained a fashion stalwart ever since. Many tees featured logos from bands, 80s cartoons, and other pop culture mainstays.

Another popular type of printed tees features bold colors and retro designs.

Hipster style often co-opts designs meant for other audiences. For instance, this scarf shawl from Vivian and Vincent featuring cartoon owls probably wasn’t made with hipsters in mind – but the retro, slightly silly design is an excellent example of hipster style.

Likewise, another example of a scarf probably not designed for hipsters, but which hipsters will likely love, is this light scarf with a finch print from Peach Couture.

Peach Couture Vintage Finch Bird All-Over Print Light Sheer Infinity Loop Scarf (Grey)
  • New by Peach Couture (A Registered Trademark)
  • Pretty finchbird and optional solid color background cover this lightweight and sheer fashion infinity loop scarf
  • Beautiful faded vintage look - Perfect for any classic occasion


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Plaid plays a major role in hipster style. Naturally, you’ll find a variety of plaid scarves available.

This triangle scarf from Wander Agio is double-sided for two plaid looks in one. Another excellent plaid option is this thick winter scarf from Zando.

Zando Plaid Blanket Thick Winter Scarf Warm Scarf Tartan Chunky Wrap Oversized Shawl Long Cape Mix Color Cashmere Scarf
  • SIZE & MATERIAL: Product Dimensions (IN): 59 inches * 59 inches / Product Material: Cashmere-like Acrylic
  • HIGH QUALITY: Extremely soft and warm over-sized plaid blanket shawl wrap scarf poncho. Wrap the shawl freely around any outfit and it will keep you warm all day long
  • DESIGN: With unique and fashion design,the poncho shawl falls beautifully around your upper body, keeping you warm all day long. It can be worn over your coat, sweater or suit...

Plaid scarves have the added benefit of warmth. So, make sure to look for ones made from either wool or acrylic.

Generally, wool provides the most warmth and breathability, especially in cold, wet weather. Acrylic is a lightweight, inexpensive fiber that is hypoallergenic and often a bit cheaper than wool.

Oversized and Large Scarves

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Also, for maximum warmth, choose scarves called either “wraps,” “oversized,” or “blanket” scarves. They let you cover not only your neck but also your shoulders and the lower part of your face.

Note that an oversized scarf is different than a traditional, rectangular scarf in a large size. An oversized scarf is designed to conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders, providing a closer (and warmer) fit.

For example, here’s a blanket scarf from Dora Bridal, compared to a large scarf from TZ Promise. Both are warm but in different ways.

Plaid Cashmere Feel Classic Soft Luxurious Winter Scarf For Men Women (Big Plaid Camel)
  • Material Type: 100% viscose.
  • Unisex scarves, Good gift for both Men or Women
  • Super soft, Lightweight and Warm with a Cashmere Feel.

Blanket scarves bunch loosely around your neck, whereas the long rectangular scarves are wrapped around your neck several times.

Oversized scarves typically keep you warmer in still, cold weather. For example, they help keep you comfy when you first start your morning drive to work.

Long, large scarves that you wrap around your neck several times help keep you warm in cold, windy weather. For example, they add several layers of warm protection to your neck during a brisk morning walk.


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Even though hipster style is often meant to look retro and downright unkempt, hipsters still love luxury – and scarves don’t get much more luxurious than cashmere.

Cashmere is a special type of wool from Kashmir goats found in Mongolia, Iran, Tibet, India, and China. It’s lightweight, incredibly soft against the skin, and has a subtle, distinct beauty.

An excellent example of a cashmere scarf with a hipster style is this Winter Cashmere Scarf from Ohayomi. Long and sophisticated, it looks right at home both in the office or a local dive bar.

Of course, when it comes to hipster style, you can’t go wrong with plaid. For an authentic look, check out this 100% cashmere scarf by Cashmere Made in Scotland. It’s warm, durable, and also available in a variety of plaid styles.

Note that cashmere requires special cleaning techniques. You can wash it on the gentle cycle in your washing machine, but there is a risk of tearing and damage.

For best results, you’ll want to hand wash your scarf by hand in a basin with either mild detergent or baby shampoo.

Scarf and Beanie Set

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You can be bundled from foot to neck in winter gear, but if you aren’t wearing a hat, you’ll lose heat through the top of your head.

Keep yourself warm with a scarf and beanie combo. They’re a fashionable ensemble. One popular example is this knitted scarf and beanie set from Wrapables.

Wrapables Winter Warm Knitted Infinity Scarf and Beanie Hat Set, Navy
  • Available in various colors.
  • Dimensions: Scarf: 46 inch circumference x 12.5 inch width; Beanie: 19 inch circumference, 9.5 inch height.
  • Material: Acrylic

Made from acrylic, both the scarf and beanie are lightweight and warm.

Another hipster fave is this loop scarf and beanie set from Double Couple. It has a classic, handmade style.

Infinity Scarf

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Traditionally made for women, an infinity scarf combines fashion and function. It’s signature feature is a closed loop of fabric.

You can wear infinity scarves in many different ways:

  • Traditional Loop
  • Double Loop
  • Pull Through
  • Hood
  • Vest

Their stylish versatility means you can wear these scarves at work and play with ease. Plus, experimenting with different styles is often tons of fun!

Neosan’s knit winter infinity scarf has a vintage, handmade look. It’s made from soft, durable acrylic.

You can choose a wide range of colors to fit your existing wardrobe.

A fashionable plaid option is this Premium Plaid Print Infinity Scarf from Plum Feathers. It’s made from 100% acrylic for a lightweight, comfortable feel. However, it’s important to note that you do have to wash this scarf by hand.

If you like plaid – and what hipster doesn’t? – check out this tartan winter infinity scarf from Scarfand. It’s thin and lightweight. Plus, it’s machine washable, unlike many knit scarves.

Scarfand's Plaid & Tartan Infinity Scarf (Plaid Navy)
  • 100% Polyester | Thin Fabric | Lightweight
  • The material is thin and breathable, but warm and cozy when layered.
  • The fabric is translucent, allowing some light to shine through.


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It’s certainly no surprise hipsters love hemp products. But hemp is more than a fashion statement. According to the National Hemp Association, hemp fabric is soft, durable, and resists bacteria.

Furthermore, hemp is also good for the environment. Clothing made from synthetic fibers releases microplastics when washed in the washing machine.

These tiny plastic spheres then drain into the sewer system. However, hemp doesn’t have microplastics, making it the green solution.

Manshu has a set of six hemp scarves in various colors, and they’re also long, lightweight, and stylish.

If you’re looking for an infinity scarf, check out this scarf from Tengyu Fly. It’s soft, cozy, and stylish. You can wear it to both formal events and casual get-togethers.

Women Pure Color Soft Cotton Hemp Silk Infinity Scarf Travel Sunscreen Pashmina Shawl Long Big Scarves (Navy)
  • 【Touch and Feel】: Cotton & hemp, fiber structure ,the soft and cozy to wrap around your neck or drapes on you.These scarfs are lightweight and warm
  • 【Scarf Size】: We offer three styles scarf,Measures 70.8 inches by 35 inches. Pure Color Style:70.8” x 53.1” , Multicolor Tassels Style:70.8” x 39” ,Tassels...
  • 【Wash and Dry】:Hand wash gently in mild water ,also gentle cycle in the washing machine is acceptable.Naturally lay dry on drying rack is advised. Avoid being hooked or...

Pop Culture Scarves

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Hipsters love clothing featuring their pop culture favorites. No matter what movies or TV shows you enjoy, a related scarf is likely available.

Protect yourself from the cold on the planet Hoth with this Star Wars scarf. It’s a black wraparound scarf that features the logo of the Rebel Alliance. Made from 100% cotton, it’s not only stylish, but it will also keep you comfortable and warm.

If you’re a fan of wizards and Muggles, you’ll also love this knitted Harry Potter scarf. It’s burgundy with yellow stripes and a detailed Gryffindor crest.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Patch Knit Scarf, Multi, One Size
  • Officially Licensed
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Frayed ends

It’s made from ultra-soft acrylic so you can toss it in the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning.

Another Harry Potter-inspired option is this ultra-soft infinity scarf. It’s warm enough to prevent a chill but light enough to wear indoors.

Final Word

Simple but sophisticated, scarves keep you warm while you’re also looking cool.

From a lightweight scarf to wear at work to something more sophisticated for a night out, our list is sure to have something you’ll love. So, add some hipster style to your wardrobe, at any time of year, with a scarf!


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