The Best Hipster Bracelets

When it comes to the cutting edge of fashion, hipsters take the lead.

Why Hipster Bracelets are the Best Style Upgrade You’re Missing Out On

Accessories are often a major component of hipster style. From eyeglasses to hats to scarves and more, hipster accessories can’t be beaten. One of our favorite hipster accessories is the bracelet.

They’re an awesome way to add an understated yet distinct style to practically any outfit.

Wrap some hipster fashion around your wrist today. Here’s a closer look at some of the best hipster bracelets for both men and women:

The Top Types of Hipster Bracelets (and How to Wear Them)

From a casual night out to a professional meeting, bracelets add a fun, hip touch. Here are the best options to choose from:

Leather Bracelets

hipster bracelets

Simple, stylish, and masculine, leather bracelets are a popular choice among hipster guys. Several sizes and types are available.

Most guys prefer leather bracelets with dark, rich colors such as black, brown, and burgundy. These darker colors create a subdued, rugged look. This set of 12 bracelets from Jstyle features a variety of dark-colored bracelets.

Jstyle 12Pcs Braided Leather Bracelet for Men Women Cuff Wrap Bracelet Adjustable Black and Brown (A:12Pcs)
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You also have two size options: thin or cuffed. Thin bracelets are a versatile option. They pair well with watches and other bracelets.

Cuffed bracelets are larger, typically at least an inch wide. They’re far more noticeable than thin bracelets. This Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet from Tundra Jewelry is a stylish example.

Tundra Jewelry The Most Comfortable Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet, Brown
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Larger cuffed bracelets often compliment simple attire like a plain T-shirt and jeans. Keep in mind cuffed bracelets are usually considered too informal for the office.

Beaded Bracelets

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Beaded bracelets are another popular option. Typically, men look best with dark, wooden beads such as this set of black, brown, and gray beads from Milakoo. They tend to pair well with denim and lighter colors.

Milakoo 5 Pcs Wooden Beaded Bracelet Bangle for Men and Women Elastic 8MM Beads
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Most guys should choose a bracelet with smaller beads. Large beads often look distracting and even sloppy.

Aside from wooden beads, another popular option are bracelets with stone beads. For example, this men’s bracelet from Wrcxstone uses black lava rocks for a unique, natural look.

WRCXSTONE Natural Stone Bracelet Mens Black Lava Rock Bracelet Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet Yoga Essential Oil Bracelet Charm Gift
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Rope Bracelets

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Rope bracelets create a layered look, but be careful. While you don’t have to spend a fortune, make sure the bracelet isn’t so cheap that it resembles a child’s trinket. For a mature, sophisticated look, choose a bracelet with a tight weave, such as these nautical bracelets made from marine rope from Fibo Steel.

FIBO STEEL 4 Pcs Braided Nautical Bracelets for Men Handmade Navy Rope String Cool Bracelet Adjustable
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A fashionable, unisex option is this fishtail paracord bracelet from The Friendly Swede. Available in tan, red, and black, it’s a thicker rope bracelet sure to draw positive attention.

Generally, darker colors are a more versatile option. You can wear a dark, thin rope bracelet with business casual wear, jackets, and long-sleeved shirts.

The Friendly Swede Fish Tail Paracord Survival Bracelets with Metal Clasp, Adjustable Size Fits 7”-8.5” (18-22 cm) Wrists (2 Pack) (Dersert Camo + Black)
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Lighter colors create a casual, fun look. However, when wearing brightly colored rope bracelets, keep the ropes relatively thin. Large, bright bracelets can draw too much attention and overpower your outfit.

Anchor Bracelets

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Anchor bracelets feature anchors, ropes, and general nautical themes. Truthfully, we’re not entirely sure why these bracelets became popular among hipsters.

Like most hipster fashions, the appeal probably lies in the ironic fact that nautical gear doesn’t have anything to do with the hipster lifestyle. Regardless, the style was popular in the early 00s and is undergoing a comeback today.

Generally, men’s anchor bracelets feature rope and leather. For example, this bracelet from Spartan features knotted leather with a rugged stainless steel anchor. Also, check out this anchor bracelet from Lauhonmin with a colorful yet masculine blue-and-white rope.

Spartan Men's Genuine Leather Anchor Bracelet, Blue, One Size
  • ✪ SPARTAN - This men’s leather anchor bracelet offers masculine styling with a nod to the nautical. This braided, double roped leather bracelet from SPARTAN includes an...
  • ✪ PERFECT FIT - The stainless steel anchor acts as a closure for the bracelet for easy wear. Rope measures 6mm and is 8.6 inches long (fits wrist size of 7 to 8 inches).
  • ✪ QUALITY - Expertly crafted from stainless steel and durable genuine leather, braided for durability and styling.

Brighter colors such as light blues and reds add a splash of fun to more formal outfits like suits and business casual attire. Be careful the anchor itself isn’t too big or gaudy (unless you’re going for an ironically tacky look).

If you want to go all-in on the nautical look, pair an anchor bracelet with white or tan chinos, a blue blazer, and a white shirt.

Choose a bracelet with an anchor that matches your skin color. Generally, steel anchors look good on just about everyone. Black metal anchors tend to pop well against lighter, paler skin. Gold anchors look best against darker and tanned skin.

Anchor bracelets made for women are typically thinner and made from sterling silver. Check out this bracelet from BlingGem. It features an anchor plus two smaller hearts. Another option is this silver anchor bracelet with a copper heart from Luca + Danni.

Luca + Danni | Anchor Bangle Bracelet For Women - Silver Tone Size Regular Made in USA
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Gold Bracelets

hipster bracelets

Gold bracelets can create a hipster look, but restraint is key. Too much gold can easily look showy. While excessive gold bling can be a cool look, it’s more hip hop than hipster.

However, certain gold bracelets have a place in hipster style. Generally, gold looks best against dark or tan skin.

Gold is an excellent way to add hipster style to semi-formal and formal attire. Follow these two styling guidelines:

  • Keep it balanced.
  • Don’t overdo it.

Don’t load up just one wrist with gold. Instead, wear a gold bracelet on each wrist, a gold bracelet on one wrist and a gold watch on the other, or otherwise balance the gold visually.

Also, you’re not Mr. T, so keep your gold use understated. If you’re a guy going for a hipster look, you probably want to wear no more than two bands on each wrist. Ladies can wear a few more.

All hipsters probably want to stick with thin gold bands, such as this minimalist gold coil from Gonioa or this cuff chain bracelet from Galis.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

hipster bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are a popular alternative to gold. Silver isn’t as visually striking as gold, so you can wear more bracelets without overpowering your outfit.

If you’re looking for a larger bracelet, check out this set of twisted metal bangles from Ensoul. Another option is this sterling silver Italian mesh bracelet from the Amazon Collection.

Sterling Silver 12mm Italian Mesh Bracelet
  • Industrial-inspired mesh bracelet crafted in .925 Sterling Silver
  • Lobster-claw clasp
  • Made in Italy

Sterling silver is generally considered hypoallergenic, although it can cause problems if you have an extreme sensitivity to nickel.

Hand Bracelets

hipster bracelets

Hand bracelets are long, lacy chains that wrap around your wrist and a finger, connecting across the top of your hand. Most hand bracelets are made from gold or gold plating.

They can have a fairly elaborate design, such as this gold-and-crystal hard harness from Furivy. For a simpler look, check out this 14k Gold Plated Hand Chain from Faire de la Mode.

Wearing the Right Amount

The biggest mistake bracelet newbies make it wearing too many. Keep your style simple.

Don’t let the bracelets overpower your outfit.

For example, this single-wrap leather bracelet from Lobo Verde is eye-catching but subtle. The braid and magnetic copper clasp are hip and fashionable, but nothing about the bracelet is over-the-top. You could wear it with just about any style.

Lobo Verde Handmade Single Wrap Braided Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Copper Clasp
  • HANDMADE IN USA, STRONG & DURABLE: Handmade with high quality leather into a durable and stylish look for both men and women. Comfortable fit.
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  • MAGNETIC HOOK CLASP: Polished bronze, ultra-secure magnetic clasp with comfortable use. Easy to put on and take off. Shower-friendly.

Of course, hipster fashion isn’t always understated. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to go big with bracelets.

The secret is creating a balance. Don’t load up one wrist with bracelets but ignore the other. However, you don’t want each wrist to look exactly the same, either.

If you’re wearing a large cuff, like this brown bangle bracelet from Hzman, pair it with several smaller leather bands on the other wrist.

Likewise, covering your forearms with tons of small bracelets can easily look too showy. Mixing different sized bracelets creates a visual balance while still looking carefree and fun.

Buy Bracelets for Your Wardrobe

No matter how much you like a bracelet, you’re not going to buy a new wardrobe to match it. Instead, always buy bracelets for the clothes you have.

If you already rock a hipster style, you can get fairly out there with your bracelet choices. For example, this 5-Wrap Leather Circle Bracelet from SPUNKYsoul goes great with hipster-approved plaid shirts or a denim skirt, but it’ll look out-of-place alongside professional attire.

SPUNKYsoul 5 Wrap Leather Circle Bracelet Brown for Women Collection (Brown)
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Don’t worry. You can still find hipster-inspired bracelets for more formal occasions. Small leather bracelets, especially if they have small amounts of metal, are typically appropriate for the boardroom or formal occasion.

Check out this multi-strand leather bracelet from Fossil for one example.

Fossil Men's Brown Multi-Strand Braided Leather Bracelet, One Size
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Final Word

Bracelets are a simple and easy way to add hipster style to your existing wardrobe. From leather to beads to metals and more, a wide variety of options are available.

You can find designs suitable for formal events, an evening hang-out at a dive bar, and all other occasions.

Remember, a little goes a long way. Don’t wear bracelets so flashy they distract from your look. Instead, you want bracelets that enhance your style, not overwhelm it.

Use our guide above to find the perfect bracelets to upgrade your look today.

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