The Top Four Hipster Costumes

In the early to mid-2000s, hipster style helped define the look of a generation of young men and women. Although the hipster trend has fallen from popularity in recent years, we all likely remember the basics of hipster style.

If you’re looking for a fun, unique costume, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with hipsters. You can dress up as a hipster yourself or add a hipster twist to an existing costume.

Fun Hipster Costumes for Your Next Party or Event

Like costumes based on hippies, emo kids, and many other subcultures, hipster costumes do involve fairly broad stereotypes of the style. Don’t worry — hipsters know some of their unique style choices aren’t taken 100% seriously by non-hipsters.

All of the costumes on our list are meant in good fun! Today, we’ll take a closer look at these fun, funny, and easy-to-make hipster costumes you’re sure to love:

4 Hipster-Related Ideas for Creating an Awesome Costume

You have more costume options than you probably realize. There are four general types of costumes related to hipsters:

  • The Stereotypical Hipster
  • A Hipster Version of a Pop Culture Character
  • A Famous Fictional Hipster
  • A Product or Accessory Associated with Hipsters

Whether you’re a hipster yourself, or just want to dress up like one, here are fun and funny hipster costumes sure to make you the hit of Halloween or any costume party:

The Stereotypical Hipster

Hipster style started as an attempt to deviate from mainstream fashion. Emphasis was placed on retro and vintage looks from other eras, usually with a modern twist.

Unfortunately, as the hipster trend grew in popularity, many specific style elements became so common they formed a default hipster uniform. While it’s debatable how many hipsters wore all of these items at one time, each article of clothing and accessory is widely associated with hipster fashion.

Man Bun

hipster costumes

Let’s start at the top with the man bun, the most famous (or perhaps infamous) hipster hairstyle. Created in Brooklyn, this messy and top-heavy style was sported by Jared Leto, David Beckham, and countless hipsters from sea to shining sea.

Creating a real man bun isn’t difficult. You only need long hair and a hair tie or two.

However, a fake man bun is usually the funnier and more attention-grabbing option if you’re creating a hipster costume.

Check out this Man Bun Wig from Forum Novelties. It’s over-the-top, ridiculous, and loads of fun.

Made from synthetic materials with a mesh interior, it’ll stay securely attached to your head even if you’re dancing the night away at a party.

Facial Hair

hipster costumes

The man bun is only one element related to hipster hairstyling. You’ll also need a hipster beard!

This novelty beard from Mustaches has a definite hipster style. It attaches to your face with either double-sided tape or spirit gum. Plus, you can dye and trim it for a custom look.

Another option is this Brown Beard and Mustache Set from My Costume Wigs. It has a bushy, unkempt look which reflects real hipster style.

Beard & Mustache Set Brown
  • Realistic Beard and Mustache set to complete any costume. Spirit Gum is highly recommended to secure beard and mustache to face for longevity and comfort. Separate purchase...


hipster costumes

Hipster style often focuses on taking an existing look considered unhip and turning it into something cool. That’s how glasses with large, black frames – a look typically associated with nerds from 1980’s pop culture – became signature hipster eyewear.

Costume glasses are usually a better option than real ones. Frames for real glasses can get expensive. Also, wearing someone else’s glasses is a sure way to end up with a headache at the end of the evening.

Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of costume options, including this pair of Retro Nerd (their term) Glasses from Skeleteen. They should fit most adults and kids comfortably.

Other costume glasses include these Oversized Black Frame Glasses from Moda. Made from heavy-duty plastic with a spring hinge, they’re durable enough to wear without worry during a rowdy party.

Another option is to wear glasses without lenses at all. Believe it or not, wearing glasses without lenses was a real look adopted by some hipsters back in the day.

Retro Nerd Geek Oversized Black Framed Spring Temple Clear Lens Eye Glasses
  • Great for both men and women
  • Made of high quality plastic with spring temple, it is very sturdy
  • Comes with clear lens with UV400 protection from harmful sunlight


hipster costumes

The main parts of your Stereotypical Hipster costume are the wig, fake beard, and glasses. However, you’ll still want to dress the part in appropriate hipster clothes.

You won’t find tons of options created as costumes. Instead, you’ll probably need to buy a shirt and a pair of pants. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big. Check out your local thrift stores for deals. After all, that’s where hipsters buy their clothes, too!

Options available online include these tight, tan pants from SouthPole or these slim fit, stretch jeans from Levi’s.

Levi's Men's Made in The USA 511 Slim-Fit Jean, Put Em Up, 40W x 32L
  • ORIGINAL LEVI'S JEANS: For over 150 years, Levi's has created products for those who value craftsmanship, quality, utility and style
  • LEVI'S 511: These blue jeans feature a modern slim cut with room to move, making this lightly tapered denim a modern day classic featuring a zip fly and 5 Pocket Styling
  • SIZE & FIT: The 511 Slim sits below the waist with a 10" rise, features a slim cut from hip to ankle and a narrow leg opening of 14.5"

For your shirt, choose plaid, which is a material widely associated with hipsters. This classic plaid flannel from Whatlees is an excellent option. Plus, it’s warm and comfortable, too. You can add it to your wardrobe once the costume party is over.

Another choice is this women’s plaid fleece sweatshirt from Angashion. It’s made with a blend of polyester and spandex to stay comfortable and warm during cold weather.

Aside from working as a costume, it’ll keep you toasty when attending any outdoor Halloween parties.

Angashion Women's Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Up Lapel Fleece Sweatshirt Warm Plaid Fluffy Hoodies Pullover Red Black S
  • Material: 85% Polyester + 15% Spandex. 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Style: Casual, Elegant, Loose, Long Sleeves, 1/4 Zip Up, Lapel, Plaid.
  • Occasion: Spring, Fall, Winter, Party, Date, Vacation, Daily Wearing, Work, At Home, Shopping

A Hipster Version of a Pop Culture Character

Aside from the Stereotypical Hipster, another option is to dress up as a hipster version of a character from movies, comic books, recent news, or other parts of pop culture.

Humor is the heart of this type of costume. Here’s a hipster Little Mermaid with thick-rimmed glasses. She lived underwater… before it was cool.

Leg Avenue Women's 3 PCs Set Hipster Mermaid Costume, Multi, X-Small
  • Available sizes): XS (size 0-2), small (size 4-6), medium (size 8-10)
  • Package includes: top, leggings, glasses
  • Fit & style: comfortable tank and leggings are elevated with shining scales in this unique mermaid look. Perfect for combining comfort and fashion for a night of adventures.

Check out hipster Santa and his hipster wife. He’s the only Santa thin enough for skinny jeans.

This type of costume is versatile. You can take a costume you have from a previous year and give it a hipster twist. For example, add some glasses and a man bun to create a hipster Batman costume.

Rubie's Men's Batman The Brave and The Bold Adult Batman Costume, Blue/Grey, Large
  • Officially licensed batman costume
  • Jumpsuit with attached mask, cape, and belt
  • Available in small (up to 36-inch chest), medium (up to 42-inch chest), and large (up to 46-inch chest)

Of course, a true hipster wants to look like they don’t care about anything. Throw on a black t-shirt which proudly proclaims This is My Costume.

A similar idea is featured in this shirt that reads I Don’t Need a Costume People Want to Be Me.

Fictional Hipster

hipster costumes

Many movies and shows, especially from the mid-2000s, featured hipster characters. More than a few of these characters make great costumes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a famous hipster movie filled with hipster characters.

Plus, Scott Pilgrim has a distinct look that is fairly easy and inexpensive to replicate. It requires skinny jeans, a green T-shirt, and a fake flaming energy sword.

If you’re looking for additional reference material, check out the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novels by writer/illustrator Bryan Lee O’Malley.

High Fidelity is another popular hipster flick with plenty of potential for costumes. Starring John Cusack, the film follows Rob, a record store owner attempting to reconcile his relationship failures by list-making.

The movie introduced much of the world to the weird and wonderful ways hipsters obsess over their pop culture interests.

Dressing as Rob is fairly straightforward. You’ll need short, black hair which hangs down a bit in the front. Then, complete the look with either a black long-sleeved shirt or a striped sweater.

Hanes Men's Long-Sleeve Beefy Henley T-Shirt - Medium - Ebony
  • Contrast color three-button placket
  • Raglan sleeves for a sporty look
  • Famously durable beefy-t fabric

To be honest, probably not everyone at the party is going to get your costume right away. But that’s part of the charm.

After all, what’s more hipster than dressing up as an obscure character from a hipster-themed movie?

We don’t want to leave out the ladies. Consider dressing up as famous hipster Enid from the movie Ghost World. Her look is fairly easy to pull off, requiring thick-framed glasses, a loud shirt, and a skirt.

Check out the movie or the original graphic novels by Daniel Clowes for additional inspiration.

A Product or Accessory Associated with Hipsters

hipster costumes

Take your costume to the next level by dressing up a product or accessory commonly associated with hipsters.

What’s the type of drink most commonly associated with hipster culture? If you said, “coffee,” then congratulations are in order because you know your hipsters.

Of course, you can’t choose just any coffee costume. For example, stay away from this Starbucks-inspired coffee cup costume. After all, hipsters wouldn’t be caught dead in a corporate coffee chain.

Instead, think outside the mainstream. This cold brew costume from Rasta Imposta is a type of coffee hipsters actually drink. (Cold brew is a brewing process which doesn’t involve the use of heat.)

Rasta Imposta Cold Brew Coffee Cup Costume Funny Hat Scarf for Adult Mens Womens
  • HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE?: Seriously and iced we hope. There's nothing like dressing up as your favorite drink! If coffee is important to you, show the world!
  • FUN DETAILS: Fall, winter, spring or summer it's always time for Iced coffee!
  • DESIGN: Printed on the front only.

Another option is this pack of social media t-shirts, which reflect the love hipsters have for various social media platforms. Instagram is probably the most hipster-specific selection.

Final Word

Don’t settle for a played-out costume like a hippie or superhero. A hipster costume is fresh, fun, and funny enough to wear just about anywhere.

It’s silly and self-aware enough for an adults-only party at your local dive bar. However, it’s also good-natured enough to wear to an office party or family gathering.

Use the components on our list to put together an awesome hipster costume for your next party. It’s sure to be a hit!

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