Hipster Beards: 8 Ideas To Make Your Face Way Cooler Than It Really Is

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They say that beards are in right now, but they’ve been a part of hipster culture for decades. Whether they wear short and office-appropriate styles, or they have a long and majestic mane flowing from their face, if there’s one thing hipsters know, it’s a good beard.

But what is a hipster beard, exactly? Hipster beards are typically impeccably groomed, full and lush, and it’s worn in many different styles. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most popular hipster beard styles so you can find an ideal fit for your face.

Eight of the Best Hipster-Approved Beard Styles

Without further ado, here are this year’s best options if you’re hoping to add a touch of hipster style to your new look.

The Corporate Beard

8 hipster beards

The corporate beard is one of the most popular beard styles, and it’s easy to see why. This look is trimmed meticulously to create a style that allows you to grow a great looking beard without ever seeming messy or unkempt.

To grow this beard, you’ll want to let the hair grow out for a minimum of two weeks. How quickly your beard grows will dictate when you can begin trimming. Keep a defined neckline and shave any stray hairs higher up on your cheeks, maintain a clean-cut look.

You can keep the sides of your beard the same length as your hair, or you can leave the sides of your beard longer, depending on your personal style. As for your mustache, you can keep it the same length as your beard, trim it shorter, or grow it out into a handlebar. Our favorite trimmer to help you get the job done is the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000.

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This beard does involve a bit more of a time commitment than some other styles, but when well cared for, it looks great. Corporate beards are perfect for professionals looking to add some hipster style to their look.

The Yeard

8 hipster beards

Aptly named, the yeard is any beard that you’ve been growing for a year or more. An act in patience and self-expression, to rock a yeard, you’ll need to let it do its thing for a year or more. During growth, you can trim off split ends and do some minimal shaping. Any maintenance beyond that is discouraged.

Reminiscent of Tom Hanks in castaway, a yeard is a bold look that’s not for everyone. If you work in a corporate environment, or in a public-facing position, a yeard might not be for you. This style is more popular with actors, musicians, and people that don’t have to answer to the man every morning.

Otherwise, growing a yeard is a lot of fun, and depending on the person, it can be a great looking style. But what happens after a year of beard? If you keep growing, you’ll end up with a tweard (two-year beard). If you keep it growing beyond that, you can call that thing whatever you want.

Scruffy Beard

8 hipster beards

If we’re being honest, a scruffy beard is like makeup for guys. When done right, a little stubble can frame the jawline beautifully, and make most men look more attractive and intriguing.

To grow one, let your beard grow for 5-7 days, and then define your neckline and clean up the sides as necessary. As your beard continues to grow, keep buzzing it down with a trimmer to maintain the look you achieve after a few days of growth.

This style is a good look for anyone that can grow a full beard. If your beard comes in patchy, the 5 o’clock shadow look tends not to look as good. Otherwise, this style is appropriate for virtually everyone.

To really make this style work, you must keep your neckline and beard line defined. This definition is important because so that there’s a dramatic contrast where your beard stops growing.


8 hipster beards

A mustache is one of the most hipster-approved facial hairstyles, but they’re also the most difficult to pull off. Some guys look great with a ‘stache, but many more guys do not. If you’re the person who looks good with a mustache, there’s plenty of different styles you can try.

The push broom or cop mustache is thick and full, and it ends at the corners of the lips. The bottom of the mustache is trimmed above the top lip. This style needs to be groomed neatly to look it’s best. For the best upkeep of your mustache, we recommend the 6-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit by GROW ALPHA BEARD.

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Perhaps the most popular hipster beard style is the handlebar mustache. This mustache involves the most commitment of any style. This is primarily because you’ll need to train your hair to part towards the sides.

To grow a handlebar mustache, you’ll need to let your mustache grow long; especially on the sides. Throughout the day, part your mustache to either side to keep the hair away from your mouth. You can also use mustache wax to keep your style in place.

Once it’s long enough, you’ll be able to wax the tips of your mustache into a classic handlebar.

Finally, you have the walrus mustache. Perhaps the most hipster of all, this mustache is basically a yeard for your top lip. To grow one, however, you don’t have to do anything except let it grow. You may want to use some mustache wax to keep that monster out of your mouth, though.

Any of these mustache looks can be combined with any of the beard styles on this list. As you grow your beard, experiment with different mustaches to find the best style for your face shape.


8 hipster beards

If you’re trying to achieve the same Hollywood-hipster vibes as Jared Leto, you should consider the Balbo beard.

To get this style, you’ll need to trim off your sideburns and trim your cheeks almost down to your jawline. You’ll also have to leave your goatee, along with what’s left of the sides. Also, make sure to keep the mustache short and disconnected from the goatee.

Ultimately, this style will draw your face downward into a V shape, accentuating the jawline. This style is perfect for any guy looking to inject some Hollywood hipster style into their look. Plus, if it’s kept short enough, it’s appropriate for any environment.

Classic Edge Beard

8 hipster beards

The classic edge beard is a sharp and polished style that’s still considerably longer than most beard styles. However, it does involve regular maintenance, so it may not be ideal for you if you’re intimidated by grooming your beard.

To achieve this style, you’ll want to grow a full, long beard. Keep the sideburns and cheeks of the beard trimmed low, while allowing the bottom of your beard to grow. As it gets longer, angle the sides of the beard shorter, while leaving the center to grow naturally.

Clean up around your mouth as necessary, while also using a razor to establish a crisp beard line and neckline. If you don’t feel confident shaving your neck and beard line, get them done at the barbershop, or pick up a beard line guide. This is a great beard style for those interested in growing an excellent while still looking professional for work.

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The Guy Fawkes

8 hipster beards

For the uninitiated, Guy Fawkes was the face of the failed Gunpowder Plot to blow up the London House of Lords in 1605. As time progressed, his likeness has become stylized. As a result,it has become a symbol of resistance and counterculture on par with the likes of Che Guevera.

Consequently, the upturned mustache with a thin goatee is a popular hipster beard style. With this style, you can leave the sides of your chin bare or grow out the bottom of your goatee.

A European style, the Guy Fawkes is a fashionable look for any guy who’s hoping to look more like an English revolutionary than his regular self.

The Lumberjack

8 hipster beards

Though this hip style may have originated with Paul Bunyon, it’s also a popular hipster beard style that allows you to show your rugged side while still looking clean and polished.

However, to grow a Lumberjack beard, your beard has to grow on its own for several months. During this time, avoid trimming your beard, besides to establish your neckline and beard line. You can also blend the temples of your beard into your haircut as your beard starts to grow longer.

After several months of growth, you can begin shaping up the bottom of your beard. Depending on personal preference, you can do several things with your beard. You can trim it in a round shape, square it off, or go for a more dramatic V shape.

Allow your mustache to grow full and push it off to the sides of your mouth. Using mustache wax can be very helpful to keep your look in place.

Final Word

Growing a beard is an ideal way for any guy to transform their look. So, whether you opt for a lumberjack, a yeard, or any of the styles in between, choosing one of these hipster beards will have you looking fresh all season long. As your beard grows, experiment with different styles to find one that’s perfect for your style.


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